Crawford Injures Groin In Thursday's Sea Dogs Game

Just when you thought Carl Crawford may be rejoining the SOX after the All-Star break, all hope fades with a slide into third.
Crawford was doing rehab with the AA Portland Sea Dogs and looking pretty good but in the fifth inning...Crawford hit a long ball into the outfield.
As he rounded second, this photographer was screaming, "He's going to get injured, what is he THINKING!!!"
But he slid safely into third. He even got to bat in the 7th before being pinch run by #39 Ryan Dent
According to Joe McDonald |
Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine explained that Crawford felt “a little twinge” when he hit a triple during Thursday’s rehab game with the Double-A Portland Sea Dogs. 

So his return to the SOX, instead of after the All-Star break, looks to be somewhere around July 16 which may be a good thing having him not return to play in Tampa Bay on artificial turf.

We shall see RED SOX Nation.

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