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Weathersfield Weekly Blog, June 28 edition

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Weathersfield Weekly Blog, June 21 edition

Loon Pair and chick Woodard Reservoir, Plymouth VT Paddle Report The Kayak Krew: Michelle (first to the launch), Quack, Jan and Stew and I visited Woodard Reservoir in Plymouth VT (along RTE 100 heading towards Killington.) It was a beautiful day and wasn't too crowded when we arrived. We headed to the bog area to check out the pitcher plants. There were so many pitcher plants!! And Swamp Laurel. We found our way around the floating bog mass... And found a sweet little cut through. We paddled around some more and noticed the lake was getting crowded with other kayakers and paddle boarders.  The highlight of the day was watching the loon pair feeding their chick. More photos: CLICK HERE Loon Fact of the Month From Loon Preservation Committee Nesting loons that are feeling comfortable will sit upright on the nest. In contrast, when feeling threatened, nesting loons will assume the 'hangover' position.  In the hangover position, loons flatten themselves low over their nests an

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