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Weathersfield Weekly Blog April 1 edition

April Fools Day , but not all news on this day is fake.  Check out these news stories from WIKI that were REAL but believed to be jokes: Genuine news on 1 April mistaken as a hoax include: 1 April 1946: Warnings about the Aleutian Island earthquake's tsunami that killed 165 people in Hawaii and Alaska 1 April 1984: News that the singer Marvin Gaye was shot and killed the day before his 45th birthday by his father Marvin Gay Sr. on 1 April 1984. Several people close to Gaye such as fellow singers Smokey Robinson and Jermaine Jackson, brother of Michael Jackson didn't believe the news initially and had to phone call other people who knew Gaye to confirm the news, Al Sharpton during his interview for the VH1 documentary VH1's Most Shocking Moments in Rock & Roll referenced the coincidence of the date when he said that Gaye's death came "like a sick, sad joke to all of us." 1 April 1995: News that the singer Selena was shot and killed by the former presid

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