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Weathersfield News June 24 #WeathersfieldVT #VT

Weathersfield News June 24, 2015 Nancy Nutile-McMenemy We are now four days past the Summer Solstice-moving toward the Winter Solstice in December. The Solstice arrived for me with a blistering guitar and the bang of the drum.  Last Saturday (the blistering guitar), the Solstice Eve, I went to see blues guitar phenom Kenny Wayne Shepherd at the Lebanon Opera House. His guitar playing was mesmerizing. The show was opened by Larry Dougher from Windsor. Dougher played a few old time delta blues covers and a few originals. He was mighty fine himself.  Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Noah Hunt Larry Dougher from Windsor VT More images from the show: Sunday I was one of a lucky 70 people to bear witness to a very special house concert at Billsville House Concerts in Manchester VT-Vermont's own Grace Potter performed at Billsville for their 75th show (the

Dr. Beach Conger Retires #HartlandVT #VT #MtAscutneyHospital

June 18, 2015 Hartland, VT Don't take it so serious! And Wear Pink! This was the advice given by retiring physician, author and educator Dr. Beach Conger Friday at the Sumner Mansion Inn in Hartland. Surrounded by hundreds of family, friends, colleagues and former patients, Beach said goodbye to 38 years of service to Mt. Ascutney Hospital and Health Center (MAHHC.) He told the crowd that there are two characteristics of doctors (and anyone who has worked with doctors knows them well)-"they (doctors) are very sensitive, and they take themselves very seriously. Nobody will ever take you seriously in a pink tutu. The most satisfying thing about my life here in Windsor, at the hospital and in Hartland is all the people who've helped me not take myself so seriously." Following an hour of hugs and tears and story telling, current CEO Kevin W. Donovan gathered folks in the library to thank Dr. Conger and to present him with a few gifts. “Beach is a role model,

Weathersfield News June 17 #WeathersfieldVT #VT

Weathersfield News June 17, 2015 Nancy Nutile-McMenemy The first half of June has flown by. I don't know about you but I've been crazy busy. Between garden, graduations and concerts, I keep thinking I'm going to miss an appointment because I might have forgotten to post it to one of my many calendars. Our electronics help to keep us organized but you have to remember to post stuff to your electronics to be reminded. My garden is starting to look mighty fine. All the transplants I put in a week ago have gotten over their transplant-shock and are looking like real tomato and pepper plants. The peas all have flowers and my zucchini and yellow squash leaves are starting to look rather "jungle-ly", if this isn't a word it should be-especially for zucchini plants. How can so much green come from one tiny seed? Graduations are in full swing as children move along their life timelines. I covered the Woodstock Elemen

Weathersfield News June 10 #WeathersfieldVT #VT

Weathersfield News June 8, 2015 Nancy Nutile-McMenemy Have something you want included in this newsletter, email me two weeks before your event and it will get posted. Well, the garden is in. Let's hope the weather has settled into its summer pattern. Planted three varieties of tomatoes and three varieties of peppers. My peas are about two feet tall and ready to blossoms. The garlic is just about ready to show its scapes. My very hardy Agnes Rose bush is in full yellow blossom bloom. I had another Saturday night filled with good music. We traveled to Londonderry NH. Met a friend for dinner at Halligan Tavern and got to watch American Pharaoh win Belmont and the Triple Crown . Then made our way over to Tupelo Music Hall for the re-scheduled SOLD OUT subdudes show. Vance Gilbert opened the show. I've heard of him but never have seen him. He was quite entertaining and a very talented singer songwriter. Vacne Gilbert M

Weathersfield News June 3 #WeathersfieldVT #VT

Weathersfield News June 1, 2015 Nancy Nutile-McMenemy Have this newsletter emailed to you: The rains have come! Finally! The weather still hasn't settled, though. One day its 90 the next 50. I covered the East End Clean Up last Saturday for the paper, we were all baking in the hot sun then on Sunday I came very close to lighting the woodstove. I still haven't put in my vegetable garden but hopefully, I'll get to it tomorrow. I'm a little worried that the overnight temperatures may still dip below 45. I don't mind covering plants in the fall when they have fruit on them but to cover now, as transplants, is just too much bother for me. Here's to the first week of June and more stable weather. And speaking of the first week in June, it's Covered Bridges Half Marathon weekend. Come on out and watch these runners travel around Pomfret, Woodstock and Quechee. Always a fun tim

Mt. Tom Farmers Market #WoodstockVT #VT

May 30, 2015 Woodstock VT On a beautiful Saturday local farmers and merchants were out in force for the second week of the Mt. Tom Farmers Market . Opening weekend was so cold some of the vendors were in winter jackets. This past weekend, everyone attending was enjoying the summer-like weather. The market is open Saturdays from 9:30-12:30 and runs until mid-October. More market images: Mt Tom Farmers Market Woodstock VT May 30, 2015 Copyright ©2015 Nancy Nutile-McMenemy For The Vermont Standard: Image Galleries

East End Party In the Park #WoodstockVT #VT

May 30, 2015 Woodstock VT Over 40 people from Woodstock and surrounding towns brought garden gloves, rakes, shovels, wheel barrows and clippers to help spruce up the newly established East End Park . Last fall the group of volunteers gathered to say farewell to "The Jungle" that has now been transformed into the gem of a  public park.  This site boasts the only public river access in Woodstock and the group plans to clean up the river and make this one of the park's highlights.  A lot has happened to the area in six months, the last snow pile to be dumped on the riverbank is almost gone. The new riverside park’s grass and plantings are growing. Once derelict buildings are being renovated. And there are plans to open new East End businesses. For more information, call Sustainable Woodstock at 457-2911 or email . More images from the event:

Scrabble Lovers gathered in #WeathersfieldVT #VT

May 30, 2015 Weathersfield VT On Saturday Kay Faust and The Weathersfield Proctor Library hosted a Scrabble Event. Folks from around town competed to win prizes. Donations were collected at the door to benefit the Library's Expansion Fund.  Scrabble Event To Benefit the Weathersfield Proctor Library Martin Memorial Hall Ascutney , VT May 30, 2015 Copyright ©2015 Nancy Nutile-McMenemy For The Vermont Standard: Image Galleries

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