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Weathersfield Weekly Blog, February 28 edition

Annual Town Meeting  March 1 Voting by Australian Ballot, In Person   Annual Town Meeting-Tuesday, March 1st, 2022 Polls Open 10 a.m.-7p.m. Voting by Australian ballot will be conducted at Martin Memorial Hall, at 5259 U.S. Route 5  Meet The Candidates: CLICK HERE Australian Ballot Voting  Town Positions Moderator                1YR        John Broker-Campbell Select Board          3 YR        Joseph Bublat                                                        David T. Fuller                                                        Wendy Smith Select Board           2 YR         August Murray                                                        Wendy Smith Lister                         3YR          OPEN                                                          2 YR rem Barbara Thomas Trustee of Public Funds     3YR OPEN Cemetery Commissioner    5YR     Ashley Esty Library Trustee       3YR          Roderick "Rick" Bates Town Articles to be Voted on by Australian Ballot March

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