Weathersfield Weekly Blog, June 14 edition

Knapp Pond I Paddle Report Knapp Pond II, June 7 After submitting my Weekly Blog last Monday, I headed over to Knapp Pond II in Cavendish, VT. I met up with my friend Trish G. from Massachusetts and we had ourselves a quiet, peaceful paddle around the pond. The bull frog pollywogs are just getting their legs. The blue irises are blooming. And the dragon flies and damsel flies are emerging from their water phase. More photos: CLICK HERE Knapp Pond I, June 8 On Tuesday I made a solo paddle around Knapp Pond I in Cavendish, VT. Last year there was at least one loon hanging around and this year a pair has returned to the pond. They sure are fun to watch but from a distance ONLY. I used a 400 mm lens to get these photos. It's mating season and if we hope to to see chicks later this summer, these loons need to be left alone to mate, lay their eggs and tend to to their nest. More photos: CLICK HERE Loon Fact of the Month From Loon Preservation Committee Nesting loons that are feeling comf

Weathersfield Weekly Blog, June 7 edition

Bald Eagle, North Hartland Lake Paddle Report Hump Day Paddlers Visit North Hartland Lake It was a beautiful day for a paddle last Wednesday. The Hump Day Paddlers (Cathy, Jan and I) were excited to paddle North Hartland Lake to the Quechee Gorge. The Army Corps of Engineers Park opened for Memorial Day weekend. It was a great day to see bald eagles. We saw at least four and maybe five of them. We made the roughly 5 mile paddle up to Quechee Gorge. it was the emptiest I've ever seen it. Quechee Gorge More photos: CLICK HERE Silver Lake, Barnard VT My friend, Gidget and I paddled Silver Lake in Barnard VT on Sunday looking for the loon pair that was there last summer. We paddle the whole lake and saw no loon activity. It was still a great paddle. Around 10 am the park beach started filling up and it got quite noisy so we met a friend at the Barnard General Store for lunch. After lunch Trish went to check out Silver Lake State Park and Gidget and I hit Silver Lake Syrup for a couple