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Weathersfield Proctor Library Budget FY 2019 Preview

EDITORIAL-Nancy Nutile-McMenemy, former member of the Library Board of Trustees.
The Weathersfield Proctor library budget is up 14%. This is not an article to be voted on at town meeting, it is included in the overall town budget.
In the past, the library budget was prepared by the library director and the board of trustees. This year, town manager Ed Morris came to the library trustees meeting in December with a budget. This budget included a 32.9% wage increase for the library director.
It was conveyed to the trustees by the town manager that the library director, Mark Richardson, wanted the increased explained without emotion. It was later revealed to the full board of trustees that the town manager, the library director and the chair of the trustees, Rick Bates, had been discussing the increase without the knowledge of the full board of trustees.
After a couple of special meetings and one regular trustee meeting, where a clean copy of the FY 2019 budget were requested and not pro…

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