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Weathersfield Weekly Blog, April 25

Could it be that Spring is finally here? The snow banks around the house are receding. I heard the peepers in the wetland last night and we removed the leaves covering our garlic. After this week's warm temperatures, I do believe I will be able to plant my peas and lettuce. Better late than never.

Weathersfield select board and town news: The select board met on April 16 and spent a good deal of the meeting reviewing town ordinances. The board approved the 2018 Local Emergency Operations Plan. In addition, there was more discussion about the Ascutney cell tower camouflage issue. The issue has been a problem for a long time and the board decided that they would invite our state representative Annmarie Christensen to the meeting in May if one more attempt at resolution with the phone company couldn't resolve it. More information about the select board and the town contact Town Manager, Ed Morris, at 802-674-2626 or

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