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Weathersfield Weekly Blog, June 13

News You Can Use The first of eleven hikes around Weathersfield took place on Sunday, June 10. A group of about 30 people took a "Walk Inside A Glacier." Jeff Pelton led the hikers off the Crown Point Road to look at the glacial esker ridge near Stoughton Pond and the North Branch of the Black River. As Pelton explained an esker is a "long ridge of gravel and other sediment", it was deposited by melt-water from a retreating glacier or ice sheet. The hike schedule and contact information to the other town hikes are listed below.

Weathersfield School news: WS announced the hiring of Ms. Natalie M. Kocurek as the new middle level ELA teacher at WS. She will start this fall. Ms. Kocurek is a 2015 graduate of Keene State College with a BA in English and Secondary Education. This is the last school report until the fall. For more information, please call the school at 674-5400.

Weathersfield Proctor Library news: The Friends of Weathersfield Proctor Library rescheduled …

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