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Weathersfield Weekly Blog, August 29

Listen. Can you hear it? I hear parents everywhere cheering-School is Back! Some schools started on Monday but most started on Thursday. Then schools are closed on Monday, Sept. 3 for Labor Day. Is it to ease them back into their school schedules? I'm never sure. I know when we were kids (I must be getting OLD) we always went back after Labor Day on Tuesday. Labor Day weekend was the last summer hoorah. The final days of summer vacation hanging with your neighborhood friends; family barbecues; one last run to the store for clothes and supplies. Now they go back, get time off, then go back. I guess it works but it seems crazy to me. (I am getting old.) Assignments and Adventures Touch a Truck On Saturday, Ascutney Village Farmers Market hosted a Touch A Truck and Family Day at their farm stand on Route 5 in Ascutney. Fire engines, ambulances, Reed's Wrecker, and a police car we open for children to take a look inside or pretend to drive the vehicle. Free child safety se

Weathersfield Weekly Blog, August 22

Don't know about you but I'm excited about the "Touch A Truck" happening on Saturday at the Ascutney Village Market on Route 5. Details are listed below but let's just say there'll be lots of cool trucks to check out. I've attended many similar events like this around our area for the newspaper and it's always a blast watching the children explore these BIG vehicles. Even the adults have fun seeing the wreckers and fire trucks up close and personal. Fingers crossed for good weather. News You Can Use Weathersfield select board and town news: The town announced that the store at Downer's Four Corners is not selling transfer station tickets yet. Stop by the town office to buy your tickets or you may purchase, with a personal check only, a temporary 5-punch ticket at the transfer station. The select board was scheduled to meet on Aug. 20. The town is looking for volunteers to serve on various committees and commissions. If you are inte

Weathersfield Weekly Blog, August 15

Is it just me or is this summer slipping away really quickly? Looking at the calendar, it's almost time for students to be back at school. The garden is exploding and I spent all day Tuesday freezing peaches. This is the second summer in a row that our peach trees were exploding with fruits. My sauce tomatoes are getting ripe and I'll probably be making sauce next week. Ah, harvest season in Vermont, gotta love it. It sure keeps me busy. News You Can Use Weathersfield select board and town news : The select board and the fire commission were scheduled to meet on Aug. 13 at the school gym. At the select board meeting on Aug. 6, town manager Ed Morris told the board that he has begun collecting information on what a municipal fire department would look like. A basic proposal should be ready for the select board review in September. More information about the select board and the town contact Town Manager, Ed Morris, at 802-674-2626 or The Tow

Weathersfield Weekly Blog, August 8

Back from Washington, D.C. and feeling very patriotic. I'm excited to exercise my right to vote on Tuesday, August 14 in the Vermont State Primary. All the information about the candidates running can be found at the Secretary of State website: . You can vote from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. at Martin Memorial Hall on Route 5 in Ascutney. If you want to vote for a candidate in November, you should vote for them in August too. Vermont Primary August 14, 8 a.m.-7 p.m. Martin Memorial Hall, Ascutney The Speaker of the House Balcony at the US Capitol Assignments and Adventures Some of the buildings I visited in Washington, D.C.: The Supreme Court, the Capitol and the White House.  We also visited the National Archives and saw the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  At the National Portrait Gallery we stood in awe at the portrait of President Obama. The Supremes And LL Cool J

Weathersfield Weekly Blog August 1

Greetings from our nation’s capital. I’m in Washington D.C. with my sister and my niece. My niece is attending a week-long National Youth Leadership program on cyber security. My sister and I are sight-seeing. Thanks to our congressional delegation we are booked on tours to visit the Capitol, the White House and the FBI building. So far the weather has been a little warm and humid but nothing like we had the week of 4th of July. Showers and thunderstorms are threatened daily but once you are inside a museum that doesn’t really matter. The Weathersfield Proctor Library hosted their annual Summer Evening with Friends and Neighbors on Saturday. About 70 people attended the event that raised almost $2000 for the library. The silent auction featured maple syrup, gift certificates and originals works of art from Rika Henderson, Lisa Mair, and a print from Newell Green of the pound that was right at the end of the Center Meeting House Green where the evening event was held. Jenni Johnson an

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