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Freezing Peaches 101

So you've picked some peaches. Now what? How about freezing them to enjoy at Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, or any cold rainy/snowy day this fall/winter.

Step 1. Make the Syrup
The syrup is really easy to make. I make mine in a 1:2 ratio. 1 Cup Sugar/2 Cups water. I usually make 10 -12 cups if I have a lot of peaches to freeze.
Measure out the water.
Add the Sugar.
Bring to a boil and set aside.
If you make too much, just put it in the fridge (about one week) and use it the next time you freeze peaches. My peach harvest usually lasts 3-4 weeks.
Step 2. Sort your peaches
I pick out the ones that are slightly soft to the touch and fairly pink

Step 3. Remove the Skin
Boil the peaches for a few minutes until you can see the skin shedding.

Step 4.Ice the peaches
Remove the peaches with a slotted spoon to an ice water bath to stop the cooking process. Give them a few minutes in the ice water.
To peel the skin just lightly rub the peach. The skin will slide off easily, if not pop it ba…

Plymouth Old Home Days

Plymouth Old Home Days Coolidge Homestead and Museum Plymouth VT August 4, 2012 For The Vermont Standard: Image Galleries:
On a very hot, typical summer day in August, the town of Plymouth hosted a good old-fashioned Old Home Day at the President Calvin Coolidge State Historic Site. The many that braved the heat and humidity were treated to a fun-filled festival of wagon rides, chicken barbecue to benefit the Plymouth Volunteer Fire Department, sheep shearing and traditional Vermont craft demonstrations. 

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A Barn Load of Quilts...

26th Annual Quilt Exhibition Billings Farm and Museum Woodstock VT July 31, 2012 For The Vermont Standard: Image Galleries:
The 26th Annual Quilt Exhibition at the Billings Farm and Museum opened Tuesday with a private reception for the quilt exhibitors. The reception included an awards ceremony for three juror awards and a curator’s award. The three juror awards went to: ‘Swirling Stars in a Maze of Flying Geese’ quilted by Sandra S. Palmer, Hartland; ‘Susan’s Challenge’, quilted by Mary Jane Arvidson, Brownsville; ‘Crop Circle: Windmill Hill May 25, 2009’, quilted by Joanne Shapp, North Pomfret. Museum Curator, Bob Benz presented his award to Darsie Riccio Woodstock for her quilt ‘Irene Floods Vermont’ saying “I loved it the first time I saw it.” The exhibition is open to the public August 1- September 23 from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily. These quilts need to be seen up close to admire the detail and design; in …

Lucinda Williams Calvin Noho 8/4

On a steamy August night, the girl from Lake Charles Louisiana rolled into Northampton Ma for a show at the Calvin Theatre.

Lu, as she's affectionately called by her fans, took the stage around 9:05 p.m. and played until a little after 11. She opened with "World Without Tears" and closed with "Get Right with God". With only one serious glitch--no lyrics in the songbook for "Righteously", Lucinda, ever the professional played
right on, jumping into a song Tom Petty recorded "Changed the Locks." After locating the lyrics she and her band tore through "Righteously."
The show was opened by Austin TX artist Amy Cook accompanied by David Garza. They also joined Williams and the band for the final encore "Get Right with God."

Overall a great show from the Louisiana fire-cracker!

Setlist by tonyg
World Without Tears
People Talking
Lake Charles
Concrete and Barbed Wire
Fruits of My Labor
Are You Down
Real Live Ble…

Lucinda Williams Portland 8/2

Lucinda Williams State Theatre Portland Me August 2, 2012 Copyright ©2012 Nancy Nutile-McMenemy
Drove to Epping NH and met our friend Brad then headed up the coast to Portland for the Lucinda Williams show at State Theatre. But first a yummy dinner at Sebago Brewery. The lobster/bacon mac and cheese was AWESOME! The Oatmeal Stout sure made Jay happy! Next a quick stop at Novare Res a funky beer joint in downtown Portland. After a quick hike we arrived to hear a couple of songs by the opening act Amy Cook.
Lucinda took the stage at 9:10 Set list according to tonyg Right in Time
I Lost It
Greenville (Doug on pedal steel)
West (!)
Sweet Side
Drunken Angel
Seeing Black
Come On
Band Intros
Unsuffer Me
Out of Touch
Honey Bee
Joy (with David Garza)

I Live My Life (Fats Domino)
Get Right With God (with Amy and David)
Overall a good show, next up the Calvin in Northampton Saturday. More Portland images: More Lucinda images: http…

Shackleton Thomas New Designs Show

Shackleton Thomas hosted a 'New Design Show' on Saturday at the Bridgewater Mill. The show included displays of their latest designs of both furniture and pottery and featured demonstrations of bread and cocktail making. The showroom was set up to highlight kitchen and household furnishings to complement bread making and enjoying cocktails.

More images: New Designs Show Shackelton Thomas The Mill, Bridgewater VT July 28, 2012 Copyright ©2012 Nancy Nutile-McMenemy For The Vermont Standard: Image Galleries:

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Woodstock Arts and Antiques

The Vermont Antique Dealers’ Association (V.A.D.A) hosted their 38th annual Antiques show Saturday at the Union Arena in Woodstock. Fifty-eight dealers from all over New England, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania and even a dealer from Napa California displayed their merchandise in room-like settings. Proceeds from the $8 admission will be donated to area charities.

More images:
Arts and Antiques in Woodstock 38th Annual Vermont Antique Dealers’ Show Woodstock VT July 28, 2012 Copyright ©2012 Nancy Nutile-McMenemy For The Vermont Standard: Image Galleries:
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