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Weathersfield Weekly Blog April 25 edition

Fireside Beverage-Now OPEN on Rte. 5 in Ascutney News You Can Use ICYMI (In case You Missed It) This week saw two new businesses open in Ascutney... Fireside Beverage   Well, not new but expanded new space. Fireside Beverage opened on Wednesday and expanded their retail space by 10 fold. They are located at 6220 Route 5 in Ascutney and are open seven days a week from 10 a.m.-7 p.m.. They have something for everyone in their bright, new, beautiful store. There are toys and games for children. Snacks, soda, and ice cream. Manager Gardner Sinclair says they will getting more camping and RV supplies and they will be selling firewood too. And they sell beverages, heck it's in their name, adult beverage that is. Beer, Wine and Liquor. Their selection of Vermont Breweries' and Distilleries' offerings is quite extensive and Gardner says that if his distributor carries it-he can get it for you. He also plans to offer kegs soon now that Fireside has a MUCH, MUCH large cooler. He also

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