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Weathersfield News July 27 #weathersfieldvt #VT

Weathersfield News July 25, 2016 Nancy Nutile-McMenemy Folks, grab a beverage to get comfortable with and take it outside. In case you hadn't noticed we're in the last week of July. Oh my, can it be? Yup. Can summer be winding down already? And in case you've been on vacation or just enjoying your summer-did you know that Vermont is holding a Primary Vote on Tuesday August 9. Oh yeah, it's true. And if you want to vote in this Primary you need to be registered by August 3 with the Weathersfield Town Clerk-she'll have the office open until 5 p.m. for you procrastinators (and you know who you are!) So register to vote by August 3 and get out and vote August 9 at the Town Office between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m.. If politics aren't your thing but music or running is-this is the weekend for you. In Perkinsville the 3rd Annual Five Alarm 5K will be held in Saturday morning. Then you can book over to West Windsor because that to

It's PYO Blueberries in #VT #WeathersfieldVT

It's Pick Your Own (PYO) Blueberry season in Vermont .  At Goulden Ridge Farm in Weathersfield the bushes are so heavy with plump, juicy blueberries some of the branches are leaning over. The farm offers picking Wednesday through Sunday.  They even provide jugs for you to put your berries in for fast picking. Folks were filling their jugs to make pies, and blueberry pancakes. And for freezing to remind us of these beautiful summer days during our LONG cold winter. I've found a great way to use blueberries and it's extremely easy too. Take two cups of berries and put them in a sauce pan. Add 1/4 cup water 1 cup organe juice 3/4 cup sugar Heat over low-med heat until bubbling-stir slowly so you don't break up too many berries. In a small bowl or dish  1/4 cup COLD water 3 tablespoons corn starch-mixed well-no lumps. Slowly stir cornstarch into the berries. Turn off the heat. Add 1/2 tsp almond extract 1/8 tsp cinnamon

Weathersfield News July 21 #WeathersfieldVT #VT

Weathersfield News July 21, 2016 Nancy Nutile-McMenemy Summer is in full swing. The heat and humidity are in town and so are the thunder storms. I love a good thunder storm, don't you. You just never know what the skies will deliver; heat lightning, big booms, hail, it just keeps you guessing. And of course the elusive rainbow. As a friend from Ireland told me, you can't have rainbows without rain! And with the rain comes the garden weeds. I have vowed that I will weed my vegetable garden and my berry patches this week. I will stay off my computer and get this weeding done. Ok, join me now and say "I will get those weeds out of my garden" -this is my mantra for the second to last week in July. This past weekend I volunteered at the 28th running/riding of  the Vermont 100 Endurance Race Despite the heat and humidity most of the particpants really enjoyed the 100 mile or 100 Km course and the 100, 75 or 50 mile ride

Farm to Bottle SILO Distillery in Windsor VT #VT #SILOdistillery #Distillery #whiskey #vodka

SILO Distillery Windsor, VT It's 7 a.m. and Chris Maggiolo's day is about to begin. Maggiolo is the Production Manager at SILO Distillery in Windsor VT which produces distinct small batch spirits made from as many local products as they can find. Chris grew up in  Harrisonburg,  Virginia, received his Master in Gastronomy from Boston University in Boston MA,  and  currently lives in Brownsville, VT .   When I visited on June 23, Maggiolo was celebrating his one year anniversary at SILO.   The Farm to Bottle process begins with the delivery of corn from the Grembowicz Farm ( ) in North Clarendon Vt. Jeff Grembowicz, who's father sold the family dairy in 2005, expanded the farm into fields of grain: corn, rye, wheat and soybeans. He typically will deliver five tons of corn to SILO on "grain day." Grembowicz started out grinding corn for pellet stoves but when that peaked, he went looking for another place to sell his

Weathersfield News July 13 #WeathersfieldVT #VT

Weathersfield News July 13, 2016 Nancy Nutile-McMenemy WOW. July is flying by. I can't believe it's time for the Vermont 100 Endurance Race already. This year will be a sad one for me. My dear friend Alice Anderson passed away on July 3. Alice was always there to help me fold t-shirts and get the merchandise table set up for not only the Vermont 100 but also the Vermont 50 (held the last Sunday in September.). Every time I fold a t-shirt I will think of her. I had another busy weekend filled with music and performances! Friday we hit Manchester VT for another fantastic Billsville House Concert . Brett Hughes opened for Lissie .  More images of Brett Hughes: More images of Lissie: More videos of concerts at Billsville:

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