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Weathersfield Weekly Blog, March 21

Happy First Full Day of Spring
Town Trivia Challenge Raises Money for the Library Children's Room The 7th Annual Town Trivia Challenge was a huge success and raised $1351.25 for the children’s room addition at the library. Nine teams competed this year. Categories included town history, geography, spelling, current events alternating with sports, literature and the favorite, “Name That Tune.” John Arrison brought in an old Victrola and played many of the tunes. The Historical Society team won, the first team to receive a repeat win in the event's seven years. The Middle School team won the team with “Most Spirit.” The top fundraisers were Team School Board. The event was organized by the Library Fundraising Committee (Laurie Cobb and Cookie Shand), Patti Arrison (scorekeeper and writer of the literature questions) and Ginger Wimberg (MC and writer of other category questions). About 85 people attended the event on March 10 at the Weathersfield School.

A Piece of Weathersfiel…

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