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Weathersfield Weekly Blog, December 13

I hope everyone had a grand time at Wassail this past weekend. Wassail is a signal for me that the holiday season is now officially in full swing. That and the Geminid meteor showers which peak this weekend; I hope the skies are clear. It’s like watching nature’s fireworks. Next week is the Winter Solstice-the shortest day of the early. I know it’s sad but look on the bright side the days will now be getting a little longer each day. Can spring be far behind? 

News You Can UseWeathersfield select board and town news: The select board was scheduled to meet on Monday, Dec. 10 to continue discussion of the municipal fire department. The agenda called for discussion of responsibilities of a full-time versus part-time fire chief and whether the new fire services model would work with a part-time versus full time fire chief. In other news, 700 feet of Cady Hill Road (from Center Road west to driveway access to parcel #08-01-34) was reclassified from a Class 3 Highway to a Trail. Following …

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