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Great Weekend of Music #RthompsonMusic #LyleLovett #johnhiattmusic #bowthayer #CollegeStMusic #UlsterPerformin

What could be better than a weekend filled with amazing singer/songwriters? I can't think of anything. For me May opens with a BANG as I get to see not one, not two, not three, but four of my favorite musicians this coming weekend. Friday night I hit the Freight House Hall in White River Junction VT for  "A Very Intimate Evening with Richard Thompson " A few tickets are still available (but not many!) I'd grabbed them fast-if I were you. TICKETS More images of Richard Thompson: from 2014 and from 2009: Local favorite Bow Thaye r opens this show-always a good time when the Bojotar comes out.  More images of Bow Thayer: Saturday and Sunday, I get to see my favorite duo- Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt . The two are back out on tour

Bernie Announces Run for President #SenSanders #BernieSanders #VT

The official statement has been made, the Independent Senator from Vermont is running for President! I've had the great pleasure of crossing paths with Bernie Sanders over the years and I look forward to seeing him on the 2016 campaign trail. Campaigning in NH for Obama in 2008 More images: Some Bernie facts: Bernie Sanders was born on September 8, 1941, in Brooklyn, New York, the son of Jewish immigrants, Dorothy (née Glassberg) and Eli Sanders. He attended James Madison High School in Brooklyn, where he ran for his school's track team and from which he graduated in 1959. Sanders spent a year studying psychology at Brooklyn College before transferring to the University of Chicago. While a student in 1963, Sanders was active in the Civil Rights Movement, becoming a student organizer for the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. He was one of several thousand students who traveled on buses

Weathersfield News Apr 29 #WeathersfieldVT #VT

Weathersfield News April 29, 2015 Nancy Nutile-McMenemy ­­ Have this newsletter emailed to you: Waiting for better weather, Peppers and Tomatoes As April comes to a close, we look to May to warm up and get into our gardens. I'm still looking for my pea sprouts-nothing yet. The Reliance Peach tree I put in last week looks OK but not getting very green. I set out some lettuce that I started in my kitchen and I hope these will take off in this cooler weather.  Looking back in my garden journal I see that last year on May 5 I saw my first hummingbird, I'm not very confident that these little birds will be making an appearance this weekend but I'm hopeful. Another crazy weekend for me. As a photojournalist, you are supposed to record events that you cover but this past weekend I found myself getting involved in all three of my newspaper assignments. Friday night I was at t

Abby Kaija and Alex Crompton crowned King and Queen at WUHS Prom #WoodstockVT #VT

The Woodstock Union High School Junior Prom was held on Saturday at the Woodstock Inn and Resort. Over 100 students and their dates attended. Class President, Trevor Van Niel said the event planning began in August. The six person committee worked tirelessly to make the prom happen. The theme this year was black and white. "The challenges and stresses (of the event) definitely paid off in the end" said Van Niel. The class promenade began at 9:15 p.m. followed by Alex Crompton and Abby Kaija being crowned King and Queen. The court includes: Trevor Van Niel, Austin Waterman, Ryan McLiverty, Lilly Noble, Shannon Herrick and Rachael Emery. A flash mob was organized by Alex Crompton. The group rehearsed for four weeks to get their dance moves perfected.  More images from the prom: WUHS Prom Woodstock Inn and Resort Woodstock, VT April 25, 2015 Copyright ©2015 Nancy Nutile-McMenemy www

Humans Paws for Earth Day at Ascutney Mtn #WestWindsorVT #VT #EarthDay2015

Earth Day was celebrated in West Windsor VT by folks coming together and cleaning up the Ascutney Trails. The event, organized by Edge Fitness Ascutney and Sport Trails of the Ascutney Basin(STAB) , held Saturday saw about twenty volunteers take to the woods to clean up fallen trees and branches, getting the trails ready for hiking and mountain biking season. The event ended with hamburgers and hot dogs provided by Holiday Inn Club Vacations at Ascutney Mountain . More images from the event: Humans Paws for Earth Day Edge Fitness Ascutney and STAB Ascutney Mountain Trails West Windsor ,  VT   April 25, 2015 Copyright ©2015 Nancy Nutile-McMenemy For The Vermont Standard: Image Galleries

Hayley Reardon Performs at the ArtisTree In Pomfret #VT #hayleyreardon #PentangleArts #ArtisTreeVT

Hayley Reardon Hayley Reardon , the young singer/song writer from Marblehead MA performed at ArtisTree Community Arts Center in a free concert Friday night. After spending the day at Woodstock Union Middle/High School, where she performed a couple of concerts and conducted a songwriter workshop, she took the stage for about 50 people in a concert sponsored by Pentangle Arts Council . WUHS sophomore Mike DiMauro opened the show with some of his original music. Mike DiMauro Hayley and a few fans More images from the show: Hayley Performing "Fourth Grade" "Stand Together" Hayley Reardon With Special Guest Michael DiMauro ArtisTree Community Arts Center Pomfret ,  VT   April 24, 2015 Copyright ©2015 Nancy Nutile-McMenemy For The Vermont Standard: Image Galleries

Weathersfield News Apr 22 #WeathersfieldVT #VT

Weathersfield News April 20, 2015 Nancy Nutile-McMenemy ­­ I know it's spring because 1) the phoebes are back and scouting out my bay window ledge for nest building 2) my kitchen is overrun with ants 3) I planted my pea and lettuce seeds after turning over parts of my garden 4) the "peepers" in our wetland are peeping, and 5) my crocuses are up. I've been waiting for these warm sunny days for months and I'm sure glad they are finally here. May Day and Vermont Green Up day are just around the corner.   More images from around Weathersfield: News You Can Use Select Board-From their Apr. 6 Meeting- Tenney Hill land for sale . The voters approved the sale at Town Meeting in March. Neil Daniels urged the Board not to sell the Tenney Hill property on the grounds that it has an excellent source of water (200 gpm) under it with a protection area (formed

Weathersfield News April 15 #WeathersfieldVT #VT

Weathersfield News April 15, 2015 Nancy Nutile-McMenemy Perhaps Spring has finally Sprung. We pulled out 18 taps and boiled twice last week yielding one gallon of fancy grade syrup. I can actually see the whole pea fence and in some spots bare ground in my garden. I was even tempted to open our windows but I'm not quite there yet. I did grilled a couple of tuna steaks on Saturday but that was due more to a power outage than Spring-like weather. Backyard Maple syrup: I enjoyed another arts-filled weekend by attending a concert at a friend's house in Manchester VT. He hosts a concert series called " Billsville House Concerts ." Saturday night, he and his family welcomed a singer/songwriter from Northampton MA . Heather Maloney entertained the 50 or so people at the show and no one left disappointed, in fact, I think the left mesme

Weathersfield News April 8 #WeathersfieldVT #VT

Weathersfield News April 8, 2015 Nancy Nutile-McMenemy I'm almost back on east coast time from our adventure in Scotland (they are five hours ahead of us-they turned their clocks ahead on our last Sunday in the country.) As the jet lag has faded, I've been reliving our eleven days in Scotland by editing the images I took (over 3000!) and posting a Travel Blog about our trip. If you'd like to take a quick trip to Scotland, you can check out my adventures on my website: . Comments and questions are always welcome. As soon as we got home, we put in our maple syrup taps. We only run 18 taps and lucky for us the sap run was still running. We boiled on Sunday and collected a little over two quarts. We're hoping to get one more boil in this season. The basil, pepper, and tomato seedlings are doing well. They all sprouted while we were away and are now under lights. We still have

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