Views from the Plane Day 12 Home to Vermont #goaheadtours

March 30, 2015

Sadly our tour of Scotland has come to an end. We're up early for our three hour wait at the Glasgow airport; followed by our seven hour flight to Newark. This will be followed by a four hour drive home to Vermont. OY, long day.

The worst thing about taking trips away from home, especially far from home, is the travel time. But I must say it was worth it. As Paul, our Scotland coach driver, said "The best thing about flying on a airplane is getting off it!"

Our flight path takes us over Greenland and the Labrador Sea so we get some incredible views from the plane.

We had a strong head wind but still land close to the promised time. After hustling through Immigration and Customs, we hit the road, racing to pick up Riley at the kennel, I mean SPA.

Back in Vermont, I do mountains of laundry and start editing the over 3000 images I shot. Jay got the maple tree taps (spiles) going and we start collecting sap. See my blog:

My pepper, basil and tomato seed sprouted while we were away so I set up the indoor greenhouse.
Life pretty much returns to normal.

We start thinking about our next adventure, Little Cayman or Belize. I think we need to get into tropical waters. Our Scuba Gear is jealous that we're been traveling without it.

Until next time...

Edinburgh and the Castles of Scotland
Day 12 March 30 Home to Vermont
March 19-30, 2015
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