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Be Smart, Be Safe in Weathersfield, Vermont April 12-Vermont Forward!

The snow and ice are melting. Time to get the boats out. Beaver Pond off Gravelin Road Taking Care of Mud Season Town crews are out working on the roads. The trails are starting to dry out. Well, except where there are Vernal Pools. Like the one Skylar found. Mount Ascutney Wednesday morning hikers. If you venture out and the trails look muddy-turn around and wait a bit longer for the trail to dry out. This will prevent trail erosion.  News You Can Use VERMONT FORWARD Most COVID-19 Restrictions will be lifted July 4th (Masking and Physical Distancing "Encouraged" after 4th) Four Phase Schedule At a press conference Tuesday, April 6, Scott unveiled a four-phase schedule for relaxing travel restrictions, loosening capacity limits for businesses, and eliminating gathering restrictions. Scott said the announcement was meant to allow families, businesses and other organizations to budget and plan for the months ahead. “Our goal with this plan is to give Vermonters a transparent lo

Be Smart, Be Safe in Weathersfield, Vermont. April 5 edition.

Vermont's 5th Season is in full swing-MUD SEASON You know what that means-Black Fly Season (Season #6!)  is up NEXT! News You Can Use All Vermonters 40+ Can Make Vaccine Appointments This Morning, 4/5 at 8:15 am   Vermonters 40 and older can register for Covid vaccine appointments starting at 8:15 a.m. on Monday. Four entities are scheduling vaccine appointments:  The Vermont Department of Health ,  Kinney Drugs ,  CVS  and  Walgreens . Each has its own registration system. You may choose to schedule an appointment with whichever is most convenient. However, the Health Department has said you should not book an appointment on multiple sites — please pick one. All adult Vermonters will be eligible for the Covid-19 vaccine by April 19, Gov. Phil Scott announced Friday. Appointments will open on a staggered basis for people in different age groups over the next four weeks.  Also eligible are: Vermonters 16 and older with qualifying health conditions Vermonters 16 and older who identif