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Happy New Year from Photos By Nanci

Here's To Another Trip  Around The Sun

A Day for the Dogs #braeburnsiberians #windsor #VT

Have I moved to Alaska, or stepped back in time? Nope I'm in Windsor, VT at Great River Outfitters getting ready to go on a dog sled ride. I pull up to the building and can hear a symphony of dog barks. They sound very happy and very excited. Braeburn Siberians is in their twelfth year of operation. And what started when a little girl came home one day and told her parents she wanted to learn how to dog sled has turned into a passion for partners in business (and in life) Kathy Bennett and Alex MacLennan. Starting with five dogs for their daughter to care for, train and love has turned into 41 dogs to care for, train and love. Bennett, who works as an educational consultant specializing in literacy and dyslexia and MacLennan, who runs MacLennan farm, live in Windsor and somehow find to keep 41 dogs happy and healthy. They are one big happy family. Over the twelve years, Braeburn has produced eight litters of Siberian puppies so most of these dogs are related someho

Weathersfield Weekly Blog Dec 28 #weathersfieldvt #vt

Wednesday December 28, 2016 Weathersfield, VT I hope you all survived the Christmas Holiday. I still haven't quite figured out why the school recessed so early last week but they didn't consult me. So we're on the cusp of 2017. How do you feel? Me, I'm a little apprehensive. We have a new Governor and a new President. I'm trying to keep an open mind but some days that's a little too challenging. One happy thing for me, Sherlock returns to PBS on Sunday Jan. 1. If I'm too wiped out from partying like it was 1999 New Year's Eve I'll DVR it and watch in front of the wood stove with a bowl of popcorn on Monday. And speaking of New year's Eve, I hope you all have a rocking one but remember to designate a driver because I want you all around in 2017 with me to see how the things shape up. Happy New Year Everyone! Weathersfield select board news: I was just reading over the select board minutes from their Dec. 19 meeting and I'm not sure w

Weathersfield Weekly Blog Dec. 21 #weathersfieldvt #vt

Wednesday, December 21, 2016 Weathersfield, VT So how's your shopping going? Last weekend's storms may have put a damper on some outings but we still have a few days left before the big Winter Holidays kick in. I'm more of a Solstice celebrator. I'm just happy that after the 21st. the days are getting longer and we've passed through the darkest, longest day of the year. Don't get me wrong, I love the winter holidays but I worked retail when I was younger and this time of year can be brutal for people working in retail stores. So gentle reader, I ask one thing of you, as you are out and about-spread some holiday cheer while shopping for your co-workers, friends, loved ones, family members-be nice to the store clerks. Spread some holiday cheer-stop in to see your elderly neighbors, just sit with them, be there for them. Spread some holiday cheer-children are out of school, home on winter break, so parents may be frazzled, say hi and give them some time

Weathersfield Weekly Blog Dec. 14 #weathersfieldvt #vt

December 14, 2016 Weathersfield VT I hope you all had fun on our first snow day. Folks were so disappointed with the lack of snow last year, I think even the adults were doing snow angels on Monday. I got the snow shoes out and tromped "over the river and through the woods" for an hour or so. My dog Riley was snow swimming and we were just enjoying the white fluffy stuff. My adventure online blog continues this week as I wind up my report about my travels in New Zealand. The trip is winding down in Wellington, Rotorua and Auckland. We saw geysers, Maori warriors and crazy people flying down Auckland's Sky Tower-after all New Zealand is the "Adventure Capital of the World." I think they do crazy stuff because they are surrounded by volcanoes and experience earthquakes, almost every day. Bundle up, more cold weather is on the way and a possible stormy weekend ahead too. Fingers crossed for more snow, a little over a week to go for a Wh

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