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Perkinsville Deals with Aftermath of TS Irene

Amsden Rte 131  From the Valley News Sept. 2 NEWS: Perkinsville Deals With a Harrowing Sunday  Rte 131 Amsden Tarbell Hill near Rte 106 N toward Reading Perkinsville -- At Downers Four Corners, a landmark intersection here, only Route 106 north through Reading is expected to be reopened to traffic today, while Route 106 south and Route 131 west and a short section to the east remain closed after Tropical Storm Irene tore out chunks of roadway. Rte 106, 200 foot drop, still eroding.

Vermont Post TS Irene Updates

Brook RD Windsor VT Sept 1 Update A note from the Gov. 7 pm: I have spent the past few days traveling the state talking to people who have lost their homes, businesses and livelihoods.  Hurricane Irene devastated many parts of Vermont with torrential rains that caused flash flooding, the likes of which haven't been seen in our small state since 1927 .  The storm took the lives of three Vermonters , closed 260 roads, 30 bridges and over 350 schools, left many communities isolated and over 50,000 without power.   Thanks to the hard work of Vermont officials, FEMA and the National Guard we have made great progress - gaining access to every community in Vermont, r estoring power to 40,000 homes and re-opening 200 roads and over 200 schools .  As we move from rescue to recovery there is much work ahead for Vermont.  Hard work and patience will be required of everyone as we get Vermonters back on their feet.  Reading VT Bridge Repair There are ways that you can

Brownsville VT Post Irene

Made it back to Brownsville VT and  got a lot further than I did on Monday. West Windsor Volunteer Fire and  Brownsville General Store--OPEN FOR BUSINESS!! Around Brownsville and Windsor Vermont Bible Hill Bridge Brownsville VT parts 1, 2 Rte 44 Brownsville VT parts 1, 2, 3 Brook Road Wash Out Windsor VT Windsor/Cornish Covered Bridge Rte 5 Cornfield, Windsor VT West Windsor Fire, Brownsville VT

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