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Weathersfield Weekly Blog, May 27 edition (early for Memorial Day)

Loons are nesting on area lakes and ponds.  Give them plenty of space and you'll have babies to watch over the next few months. Also you can watch this LIVE LOON CAM: CLICK HERE More Loon photos: CLICK HERE Heads Up-No Weathersfield Weekly Blog on Monday, June 5th I'll be in CBHM Clean-up mode (I'm one of two Race Directors for CBHM) The Weekly will return on May 12th. Good luck to ALL our local runners Running  in the 31st running of the Covered Bridges Half Marathon  on Sunday, June 4th!!  See you at the finish line!  More info about the race: CBHM.COM Elissa Kellner Brownsville VT Emily Weld Brownsville VT Zoe Lirakis Chester VT Rebecca Crosby Hartland VT Denise D'Abramo Hartland VT Cindy Hampton Hartland VT Jennifer Hannux Hartland VT Barbara Kessler Hartland

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