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Weathersfield Weekly Blog, March 28 edition

Governor Phil Scott and Springfield High School Exchange Student from Ukraine, Arman Kazaryan  News You Can Use ICYMI (In case You Missed It) Last Wednesday, the Springfield Rotary and the Springfield Chamber of Commerce hosted their annual lunch with the Governor at the Crown Point Country Club . The guest of honor was Governor Phil Scott.  But there was also a very special guest in attendance-Arman Kazaryan. In case you haven't heard, Arman is an exchange student attending Springfield High School this year from Ukraine. Arman arrived on September 8, 2021 and was supposed to return to his Ukrainian home at the end of the school year.  Up until a month ago, he was just like any other high school student-taking classes and playing sports. He said he loves all his studies and is attending the Tech Center where he's learning web design and business management. He just finished wrestling and has jumped into both baseball and track. He's also helped form a Chess Club. A month

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