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Weathersfield Weekly Blog, October 31

Pumpkin by Paul Regan, South Woodstock VT Happy Halloween! News You Can Use Weathersfield Town Clerk news : Early voting is now open. You can vote anytime the town clerk’s office is open between now and Monday, Nov. 5. Of note on the ballot, one page 2 there are only Democrats listed for Justices of the Peace. The Progressives and Republicans did not get their candidate names to the town clerk in time to be on the ballot. It’s believed that both parties will be running write-in votes with candidates stationed outside the polling place-Martin Memorial Hall on Tuesday Nov.6. Weathersfield School news : The Weathersfield School Board has appointed Susan Hindinger to fill the vacancy created by the loss of our neighbor and board member, Laura Cody McNaughton. Susan has lived in Weathersfield for 15 years and has two children attending WS. In addition, she was the longtime coordinator for the Four Winds Nature Education Program. For more information school news, please call the sc

Weathersfield Weekly Blog, October 24

We had our first snow this past week. Not sure everyone saw it but those of us in the higher elevations woke to see the ground covered on Thursday. Some are giddy with excitement for winter; others are packing and getting ready to fly south. Which group do you fall into? Another sign that fall/winter is here, our second tax installment is due on Nov. 7, the day after we vote in the mid-term elections. Heads-up the intersection of Vermont Route 106 and Vermont Route 131 in Downer’s Four Corners will become a four-way stop. The Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans) will begin work the week of Oct. 22 to alter this intersection from a two-way stop to a four-way stop. The conversion is anticipated to be completed within a week. Adventures and Assignments Senior class photos have been keeping me busy these last couple of weeks. In between I've attended a couple of events. " Eurydice " This past weekend the Yoh Theatre players opened their 2018-2019 season wi

Weathersfield Weekly Blog, October 17

The select board met Monday night and voted unanimously in favor of moving towards a municipal fire department for the town. Jeff Epstein wrote about the meeting in his article for The Eagle Times on Oct. 16. Video of the meeting should be posted to the SAPA-TV website soon. And speaking of voting, I voted early on Monday. Yes, you can vote anytime now until Nov. 6 at 7 p.m.. Be sure to exercise your right to vote. One thing I noticed on page two of the ballot, only the Democrats were listed for Justice of the Peace. I asked the town clerk about this and she said the progressives and republicans did not present their candidates for J.P. before the deadline to be on the ballot therefore they will be running write-in campaigns. Look for the candidates outside Martin Memorial Hall on Nov. 6 between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. for more information. Weathersfield School news : Thursday, Oct. 18 will be Service Day at the school. This is the day when the school will have visitors come and show

Weathersfield Weekly Blog, October 10

Columbus day is behind us and we're moving towards Halloween. The leaves are falling and need raking. The screens need to come off the windows to be store for next spring. Soon we'll be shoveling snow. YUK. I'm glad we've had a couple of days of warm weather to keep in our memories until next April or May. For me the best part about the colder weather is scarves! Yup, scarves-I love to wear them. So cheers for scarf weather and never mind the cold, damp, dark days ahead of us. News You Can Use Weathersfield select board and town news: At the select board meeting on Oct. 1, town manager Ed Morris announced that village center designation had been confirmed for both Ascutney and Perkinsville. This allows people within these two villages to apply for tax credits and grants to improve their properties. Discussion continued on the town moving towards a municipal fire department. Select board member John Arrison wanted input from the fire commission but town manager M

Weathersfield Weekly Blog , October 4

Well, the 26th Annual Vermont 50 Mountain Bike or Ultra run is behind me now. I'm back to my regularly scheduled fall projects-cleaning out the basement, harvesting the garden and getting the house ready for winter. It feels like I just finished my spring cleaning, how can it already be time for fall and winter projects. Where does the time go? Assignments and Adventures Pat Metheny at Lebanon Opera House More Metheny photos: CLICK HERE Windsor County Partners Annual Luncheon and Awards at Windsor Mansion Inn More Windsor County Partners Luncheon photos: CLICK HERE Coig at Lebanon Opera House More Coig photos: CLICK HERE Courtney Hartman and Taylor Ashton at Billsville House Concerts 26th Annual Vermont 50 Mountain Bike or Ultra Run at Ascutney Mountain Kids Day on Saturday More Kids Day photos: CLICK HERE Race Day on Sunday at the Vermont 50 More photos at the Vermont 50: CLICK HE

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