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Weathersfield News Oct 28 #WeathersfieldVT #VT

Weathersfield News October 28, 2015 Nancy Nutile-McMenemy Happy Halloween! I love Halloween, it's the one night a year when its OK to become someone else; to try on a different persona, to imitate someone famous, someone that was critical to the world's history or just be a zombie or vampire. It's fun to step out of our lives and do something bold on the one night when you most likely won't be criticized for your decision. And you can get candy. There are lots of ways to celebrate All Hallows Eve (The evening before All Saints Day) in the Valley. Check out some of the events listings below. I had another crazy week of attending area events. Thursday I saw the play "Fly by Night" performed by the Yoh Players at Woodstock Union High School. The music was well done and the set very intriguing. More images from the play: Friday night I atten

Pentangle Arts The Rocky Horror Show #WoodstockVT #VT #PentangleArts #vermontstandard

Friday October 23, 2015 Woodstock VT This week Pentangle Arts wraps up its production of The Rocky Horror Show. The live performance encourages audience participation, in fact they theater hands out goodie bags with props and has a screen letting the crowd know when to shout out phrases and to throw things. The show conclude Halloween at midnight with a special performance. All your favorite characters are here in Woodstock Riff-Raff (Chris Lamontagne), Janet (Lauren Meyers), Brad (Patrick Sharpe) Columbia (Elyse Deneige), magenta (Maggie Ashworth) Rocky (Spencer Bladyka), Eddie (Corey Arnmstrong) Dr. Scott (Mike Backman) and everyone's favorite transvestite Frank 'n' Furter (Paul Daniel West.) More images from Rocky Horror: The Rocky Horror Show Pentangle Arts Production Town Hall Theater Woodstock, VT October 23, 2015 Copyright ©2015 Nancy Nutile-McMenemy www.photosbynanci

Yoh Theatre Players Perform "Fly By Night" #YohTheatre #WoodstockVT #VT #vermontstandard

Thursday October 22, 2015 Woodstock, VT The Yoh Theater Players opened their 2015-2106 season with "Fly By Night" a play set in New York City in 1964 and 1965. A young sandwich maker, Harold McClam (Zac Cannon) meets two sisters from South Dakota Daphne, an actress (Megan Hoffman) and Miriam, a waitress (Kaelee Geno) and falls in love with both.  The play leads up to Great Northeast Blackout on November 9, 1965 and how the lives of a few people in the city become intertwined with tragedies, near tragedies and joy. More images: Fly By Night Yoh Theater Players Woodstock Union High School Woodstock, VT October 22, 2015 Copyright ©2015 Nancy Nutile-McMenemy For The Vermont Standard: Image Galleries More Yoh Productions:

Weathersfield News Oct 21 #WeathersfieldVT #VT

Weathersfield News October 21, 2015 Nancy Nutile-McMenemy Last week I stated that the air was crisp, well this week it's down right COLD. The past two mornings it's been 20 degrees on our porch and I see in the news that Killington opened a couple of trails. Who are these people that want to ski in October? I thought October was a time for leaf peeping, Columbus Day, pumpkins, apple picking, raking leaves, Trick or Treating...but skiing, WHAT? I don't know any children who want to Trick or Treat with their snow suits under their costumes. That's just not right. Sure a chill to the air is great this time of year. Smokey fires, warm cider, cozy sweaters but puffy down jackets, mittens and cold fingers and toes at soccer games just isn't fun. I know October is a member of the BRRR months (Septem-BRRR, Octo-BRRR, Novem-BRRR, Decem-BRRR) but we were so spoiled with those warm temps earlier this month, I just didn't w

The Weir #HartlandVT #VT #vermontstandard

Saturday October 17, 2015 Hartland VT The Weir is being presented by Hartland Community Arts for three more shows on Oct. 23, 24 at 8 p.m. and Oct. 25 at 3 p.m.. The play was written by Conor McPherson and takes place in a rural Irish Pub. For those who have traveled to Ireland and enjoyed some time in a local Pub you will be completely transported back to your visit to this wonderful place where "All the World is a Stage."  The Irish have an incredible gift for storytelling (see the Blarney Stone and its history.) And this play gives the viewer a glimpse into some very interesting tales. Each character presents, to their pub mates and the audience, something that happened to them. Is it just or story of the supernatural or did it really happen-the viewer is asked to be the judge. The 90 minute play, directed by RJ Crowley and produced by Kim Gibbs, will take you from Damon Hall in Hartland Vt. to a close knit town in Ireland , not unlike Hartland itself, wh

4th Annual Peak to Peak #WoodstockVT #VT #vermontstandard

Saturday October 17, 2015 Woodstock, VT On a beautiful fall Saturday in October, the 4th Annual Peak to Peak hike was hosted by: ArtisTree, Billings Park Commission, Green Mountain Club, Holt Survey Associates, Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller NHP, Project Puerto Rico, Sustainable Woodstock, Upper Valley Trails Alliance, Vermont Institute of Natural Science, Woodstock Area Chamber of Commerce, Woodstock History Center. Hikes exploring the parks in and around Woodstock included: Mt Peg Landscape History Walk with local historian Bob Holt; Mt Tom Hike with a National Park or Green Mt. Club naturalist to hike the historic Faulkner Trail to South Peak ; Peak to Peak Challenge hiking to the summits of both Mt. Tom and Mt. Peg;  Yoga Hike with yoga warm-up at the Mt. Peg trailhead, participants will use yoga techniques during the hike in order to deepen their mindful experience of the natural world; Forested Ecology Hike with Vermont Institute of Natural Science Executive Direc

Weathersfield News Oct 14 #WeathersfieldVT #VT

Weathersfield News October 12, 2015 Nancy Nutile-McMenemy The air is crisp, the trees are exploding with color, I'm planting garlic, it must be Fall in Vermont . I've harvested my winter squash. I'm getting ready to wash and dry it before bringing it downstairs to store for the winter (I feel like a chipmunk!) The last of the tomatoes are being picked and the vines are heading to the compost pile. We still have a ton of peppers so every time the weather prognosticators hint at frost, we're covering them up. Sure we can freeze them but they taste so much better fresh. One question for you folks-are you going to celebrate next Wednesday, October 21? Celebrate what you ask-well, "Back to the Future" Day of course. In 1985 we were introduced to one very cool car-a time machine in the shape of a DeLorean. "Great Scott!" what a movie trilogy.  Search the internet for more information-what did the movie predict 30 ye

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