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Friday October 23, 2015
Woodstock VT

This week Pentangle Arts wraps up its production of The Rocky Horror Show. The live performance encourages audience participation, in fact they theater hands out goodie bags with props and has a screen letting the crowd know when to shout out phrases and to throw things. The show conclude Halloween at midnight with a special performance.

All your favorite characters are here in Woodstock Riff-Raff (Chris Lamontagne), Janet (Lauren Meyers), Brad (Patrick Sharpe) Columbia (Elyse Deneige), magenta (Maggie Ashworth) Rocky (Spencer Bladyka), Eddie (Corey Arnmstrong) Dr. Scott (Mike Backman) and everyone's favorite transvestite Frank 'n' Furter (Paul Daniel West.)

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The Rocky Horror Show
Pentangle Arts Production
Town Hall Theater
Woodstock, VT October 23, 2015
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