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Agencies Here to Help Vermonters

Rte 106 N Near Downer's Four Corners Reporting Damages Vermonters who have property affected by the storm should report it to the state. There are several phone lines in addition to the 211 number now in operation. Please note that it is critical to acquiring recovery aid that a statewide inventory of the damage is taken. Also, if repairs are made by a property owner, it is important to take pictures of the damage, document the repairs and keep receipts for potential assistance. Individuals: Individuals reporting property damage should call 211. Businesses: Businesses should call the Agency of Commerce and Community Development at (ACCD) at 828-3211 to report damage which will be collated for VEM and FEMA. ACCD will also make referrals for financing and technical assistance. The information needed when businesses make the call is: name of business, location (complete address), description of damage, point of contact, date damage occurred. There are additiona

Scenes Around Weathersfield VT in Irene's Aftermath

Videos taken Wednesday August 31, 2011  North Springfield Dam from Satellite Around Weathersfield Vermont Rte 106 Washed Away The Connecticut River parts 1, 2, 3 North Springfield Dam Roaring Black River Rte 131 Amsden VT parts 1, 2 The Salmond Covered Bridge parts 1, 2 Stoughton Pond, Weathersfield VT Upper Falls Bridge parts 1, 2

Post Irene in VT-How you can help...

 SPREAD THE WORD!!! After Irene: How You Can Help Vermont DONATIONS Text FOODNOW to 52000 to donate $10 to Vermont Foodbank . The Foodbank will turn each donation into $60 for families in need. You can donate to  the United Way's Vermont Disaster Relief Fund online, or buy sending a donation to your local United Way. Just make sure your donation is marked for the "Vermont Disaster Relief Fund". You can also donate to the American Red Cross of Vermont and the New Hampshire Valley . The Red Cross set up shelters immediately after Irene hit for flooded-out families to stay in. (Note:  While all donations are appreciated, financial donations offer the Red Cross the greatest flexibility for response in this crisis.  Donations can be made at or by calling 800-660-9130 .  For those who are interested in volunteering, they can contact their operations headquarters at 802-773-9159 .) The  VT Irene Flood Reli

Irene Wallops Vermont

Irene may have wimped out in other areas of the US but Vermont was hit and hit hard. Rte 44W Heading into Brownsville VT from Ascutney Mountain Resort Rte 131W Amsden VT heading towards Downer's Four Corners Below, you'll find organizations that are helping with the relief effort. Please consider giving whatever you can to help our friends, family and neighbors during this difficult time. Whether you and your family need help or you are looking to help your fellow Vermonters, reach out to these organizations. * Call 211 for information on your specific areas health and human services needs or information on how to receive assistance. * Call 511 or for information about road closures and how the floods may have affected travel in your area. * Check for updates on areas of Vermont that need help and the best ways to get involved. * Donate to the Red Cross . While all donations are appreciated, financial

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