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Boston Rock Legends All Star Concert--Paramount Rutland VT 3/20/2011 Just Announced

Boston Legends All Star Concert
Paramount Theatre, Rutland VT
Sunday, March 20 @ 7:30pm•• Tickets: $37.50 - 75.50

The Paramount Theatre in downtown Rutland VT, announced this morning that they have just booked and incredible line-up for March 20, 2011--Boston Legends All Star Concert.
The  lineup will include guitarist J. Geils and bass player Danny Klein of the J. Geils Band.

Barry Goudreau formerly of the band Boston, Joe Pett from the Joe Perry Project and Doug Bell from Bellevue Cadillac.

Vocals for this band are shared by guitar god Jon Butcher from the Jon Butcher Axis, Charlie Farren of the Joe Perry Project and Farrenheit and David Hull who has performed with Aerosmith and Joe Perry Project.

The Boston Legends All Stars will also feature Sandy MacDonald from The Commitments, child prodigy Desire Bassette who has performed with numerous rock icons, The Uptown Horns and more. Additional guests are expected to be added soon.

The Fools who made their own mark in the history …

Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt THE EGG 1/25/2011

Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt
The Egg, Albany NY
January 25, 2011
Nancy Nutile-McMenemy, Photographer

We saw them in Boston (twice), Portland and Northampton, last night we finished our run with Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt  at The Egg in Albany NY, January 25, 2011. We were among the lucky 980 folks from the capital region to grab a ticket to this SOLD OUT show. The show started about 20 minutes late (folks were having a time parking and riding the elevators) but it was worth the wait.

Enter Lyle and John, they welcomed the crowd and thanked The Egg for having them back to this "wonderful" theater, they were through last time in 2008. Lovett and Hiatt joked  "All the other Eggs around the country have collapsed but this one looks shipshape" so we should all be OK. Lovett continued  "we live in the future, (and) no better place to navigate (the future) than in the egg."

Hiatt opened the show with "My Old Friend", followed by Lovett's "…

Hey Mama Grand Finale Performance at The Stone Church

Hey Mama, featuring Avi and Celia
Grand Finale
The Stone Church, Newmarket NH
January 21, 2011
Nancy Nutile-McMenemy, Photographer
The Shallow Pockets Opened

On a cold winter night, following yet another New England Winter 2011 snow storm, a group of folks gathered at  The Stone Church on Zion Hill in Newmarket, NH to witness the Grand Finale of band that should not be going on hiatus.

Hey Mama, featuring Avi Salloway and Celia Woodsmith formed seven years ago at the University of Vermont and have been touring throughout the US and Canada performing over 500 gigs. The band also includes Paul Chase on bass and Jared Seabrook on drums.

The group opened with "At the End of the Day" the first cut off the third CD Hey Mama from 2009.  They followed this with "White Room of the Night" off their new CD Dubl Handi Suite, which can only purchased via their web site as a download.

Salloway broke out his banjo which he inherited from his mother, for "Cold, Cold Ground.&qu…

John Hiatt and Lyle Lovett Wilbur Theatre Boston 1/16/2011

John Hiatt and Lyle Lovett Wilbur Theatre, Boston Ma January 16, 2011 Nancy Nutile-McMenemy
Photos and Setlist 

Setlist 1/16/2011
Hiatt/Lovett Perfectly good guitar/Don’t touch my hat Memphis in the mean time/Memphis midnight Memphis morning Open Road/Give back my heart Drive south/North Dakota No wicked grin/She’s no lady My baby/She makes me feel good Slow turning/This old porch Master of Disaster/Fiona Thing called love/Bears TN plates/If I had a boat Encore: Have a little faith in me/My baby don’t tolerate
Three new from Hiatt, Eight new from Lovett  2:15
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John Hiatt and Lyle Lovett Northampton MA 1/15/2011

Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt
Calvin Theater, Northampton MA January 15, 2010
Nancy Nutile-McMenemy
Photos and Setlist

Setlist 1/15/2011 Hiatt/Lovett Almost fed up with the blues/Cowboy man Thunderbird/Black No wicked grin/Don’t cry a tear for me TN plates/LA county Riding with the king/Cute as a bug Open Road/Road to Ensenada My Baby/Nobody knows me like my baby Drive South/Fiona Icy Blue Heart/Family Reserve Real Fine Love/If I had a boat Encore Have a little faith in me/My baby don’t tolerate

Charles Neville in the house.  2:07 One more song each than Portland, but no shared song at the end. Lyle did five more new ones not done the previous nights, John did three new ones. More photos on  my page: 
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John Hiatt and Lyle Lovett Portland ME 1/14/2011

Lyle Lovett and John HiattState Theatre, Portland ME
January 14, 2011
Nancy Nutile-McMenemy
Photos and Setlist

Setlist 1/14/2011 Hiatt/Lovett Master of Disaster/Creeps like me Feels like rain/If you were to wake up Like a freight train/ gal of mine? No wicked grin/Already made up her mind TN plates/Up in Indiana Drive South/Road to Ensenada Crossing muddy waters/Fiona Thing called love/Nobody knows me like my baby My Baby/My Baby don’t tolerate Encore: Have a little faith in me/If I had a boat Ain’t no more cane-both
Looks like Lyle did six he didn’t do in Boston and John did four, plus Ain’t no more cane. They did one less song each and played for ten minutes less.
More photos on  my page: 
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