Hey Mama Grand Finale Performance at The Stone Church

Hey Mama, featuring Avi and Celia
Grand Finale
The Stone Church, Newmarket NH
January 21, 2011
Nancy Nutile-McMenemy, Photographer
The Shallow Pockets Opened

On a cold winter night, following yet another New England Winter 2011 snow storm, a group of folks gathered at  The Stone Church on Zion Hill in Newmarket, NH to witness the Grand Finale of band that should not be going on hiatus.

Hey Mama, featuring Avi Salloway and Celia Woodsmith formed seven years ago at the University of Vermont and have been touring throughout the US and Canada performing over 500 gigs. The band also includes Paul Chase on bass and Jared Seabrook on drums.

The group opened with "At the End of the Day" the first cut off the third CD Hey Mama from 2009.  They followed this with "White Room of the Night" off their new CD Dubl Handi Suite, which can only purchased via their web site as a download.

Salloway broke out his banjo which he inherited from his mother, for "Cold, Cold Ground." Woodsmith prefaced the song by saying at the last show Avi jumped into the crowd with his banjo (still plugged in) and crowd surfed, "It was pretty F***ing Awesome!" exclaimed Woodsmith.

Tonight Salloway crowd surfed with his guitar and it was still pretty F***ing Awesome!
The band also covered a Neil Young tune "For the Turnstiles" and a tune from Gillian Welch "My First Lover."

Salloway is heading to the Middle East in February and Woodsmith is joining an all girl Bluegrass band. Both plan to keep the musical talents fresh and are in fact planning a few dates together for the summer of 2011.
Keep an eye for these dates because you will not want to miss them--these are four very talented musicians!

Setlist 1/21/2011 (from the Stage list)
At The End of the Day
White Room Of the Night
From the Bottle
Genius of The Sun
You Never Know
Get You Some
Cold Cold
Mountain Bones
Ivory Bones
For The Turnstiles
 My First Lover
Sail On
Rollin' and Tumblin'
Drivin' Nails
Runnin Back

The Shallow Pockets Opened.

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