John Hiatt and Lyle Lovett TOGETHER-Wilbur Theatre 1/13/2011

Wilbur Theatre, Boston Ma
January 13, 2011
Nancy Nutile-McMenemy
Review and Setlist

Ever wonder what it would be like to invite the legendary singer/song writers John Hiatt and Lyle Lovett over to your house for an evening of song and good times? Well, Thursday night, post blizzard of 2011in the intimate setting of the Wilbur Theatre in Boston MA an event very similar to my “ever wonder” scenario took place for a SOLD OUT crowd.

Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt are on tour together; performing in small, intimate theaters for at least in New England, sold out audiences. They two are so comfortable with themselves that they make you feel like you are sitting in the living room with them, getting to know better through songs.

They play well off each other and their banter at times can get very humorous. Hiatt arrived Tuesday before the storm but Lovett flew in Thursday morning. This discussion lead to the two thanking the crowd for coming out and also gushing over Logan Airport, Lovett said “love what you’ve done (with Logan)”

In these “together” shows, the two take turns playing songs from their huge repertoires and at times sing harmonies or play guitars on each others songs. A true supportive jam session results; Hiatt opened with “Open Road” the title cut from his most recent CD. Lovett followed with “Farther Down the Line.”


Hiatt next took the crowd on a road trip with his classic “Tennessee Plates” to which Lovett exclaimed “it’s really a song about a self starter” and “it certainly has a Zen quality to it.” Lovett continued his critique by saying the main character “finds true love”, has a “Mecca to Graceland”, and in the end “learns a trade.”

Lovett spoke about being in a restaurant the other day when Eric Clapton’s version of Hiatt’s “Riding with the King” came on the radio. Lovett whined “Clapton’s never recorded one of my songs!”

Lovett spoke about his experience this past December when he worked with The Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles. Artistic Director, Ben Donenberg asked Lovett to write a few songs for the production “Much Ado About Nothing”, Donenberg explained to Lovett that Shakespeare used to include songs, from the time to time, to lighten up his plays when the “weren’t going so well” said Lovett. Lovett performed a lullabye that the he said he “felt like he co-wrote with Shakespeare.” This reporter was unable to locate the title of the song…if you know it please let me know!

Hiatt killed on “Drive South” after which Lovett put away his guitar and said boldly “I quit…” But he pulled it together and wow’d the crowd with “Natural Forces”, the title cut from his most recent CD.
Hiatt jumped in with “Crossing Muddy Water” to which Lovett responded with “If I had a Boat.” Hiatt tore through “Riding with the King” and then both Hiatt and Lovett thanked the audience again for their support over the years saying that Boston is such a great music town. Lovett closed appropriately enough with “Closing Time.”

The crowd jumped to the feet, thanking them for a great evening and after a small pause, the two returned to the stage. An audience member yelled out for Hiatt to play “Icy Blue Heart”, Hiatt said “well, alright!” and he proceeded to once again have the crowd awed by his skillful lyrics and masterful guitar playing.

Lovett chose to finish the night off with “My Baby Don’t Tolerate” and was joined by Hiatt on harmonies and a stinging guitar solo on his gorgeous blonde Gibson with the mother of pearl inlays!

The crowd was again on their feet and the two, like gracious guests, thanked the audience again and jogged off stage.

Tonight is State Theatre Portland ME, Saturday is Calvin Theater Northampton MA then the two return to Wilbur Theatre Boston on Sunday. All three shows are sold-out but if you are lucky you might find a ticket. You should really try because this is what entertainment is in its purest form.

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Set list 1/13/2011:
Open Road/Farther down the line
TN plates/LA County
No wicked grin/Sleep tight lullaby?
My baby/Nobody loves me like my baby
Walk on/One eyed Fiona
To the one Amen? New song/Promises
What do we do now/What do we do when it quits being new
Drive South/Natural Forces
Crossing muddy water/If I had a boat
Riding with the king/Closing time

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