Chamberlin opens for Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

Chamberlin Opens for Grace Potter and the Nocturnals at Higher Ground and 20 dates this winter!

There's a new band in town. Chamberlin. A group of guys from University of Vermont (UVM) and around Vermont are making some sweet music together. Ethan West (guitar and vocals) and Mark Daly (Guitar and Lead vocals) met and started writing songs together, even doing a few gigs but when the guys hooked up with Eric Maier (keys and "floating floor tom" drum), Charlie Whistler (bass), and Jamie Heintz (drums) a new sound out of Vermont was created.

Chamberlin started by laying down a few acoustic tracks at their secluded cabin in Goshen VT. They managed to get a few to Scott Tournet (the incendiary guitar slinger for Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, GPN, and his own band Blues and Lasers) who liked what he heard and headed to the cabin on a GPN break. Daly and West wanted an experienced ear to pick out the "good songs" and following many long emails songs were chosen, and into the studio the guys went. Tournet appears on three songs and sent notes to the guys in Vermont while on the bus touring with GPN. Tournet will be sitting in with the guys while the two bands are touring togehter; performing a smoking guitar solo on "Bitter Blood." (Trust me, I witnessed this last night a the Higher Ground show!) 

The CD was wrapped up this fall on Roll Call Records a division of EMI and a few early pressing will be available at the bands dates this winter; the official release date is March 1 and will include a digital download option. But for now to hear this band, catch them on the road with Grace Potter and the Nocturnals beginning January 13 in Covington KY at the Madison Theater

Th guys are offering a free download teaser on their Facebook page: "Bitter Blood"

The band is also offering a free download of the song “Dust” by entering and confirming your email address below. In addition, the band will pick a random address from the free downloaders on February 21st and the winner will receive a signed copy of the CD as well as a band T-shirt. 


I met up with Chamberlin after their sound check and got to know these guys a little better in the little time we had. Daly, West,  Maier and their photographer friend Oliver Parini all hail from Middlebury VT. Daly and West started writing together in the fall of 2007. The other guys were "found" through the local music scene; the band came together, started recording then started performing live, not the usual rock band sequence but it seems to be working. The Higher Ground show was only the band's seventh live performance but you couldn't tell. They were tight, harmonious and seemed to be having fun. They showed only a few awkward moments when changing instruments and doing the songs countdowns. In their defense the stage was small with two sets of instruments so not a lot of room to move around and as a new band they are their own guitar techs so there you have it.

Highlight of the day for Chamberlin, besides opening for Grace Potter and the Nocturnals at Higher Ground before a sold out crowd...Van shopping at Heritage Ford and Toyota in South Burlington VT. Bill at Heritage is even hooking the van up with an iPod jack so the band can relax on the road over the next few months learning the ropes from that other band from Vermont, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.

More photos of Grace Potter and the Nocturnals: Photos by Nanci

More photos from the Higher Ground shows are posted!!!

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