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Meet The Candidates for
Weathersfield Select Board

I asked all the candidates running for the contested Select Board Positions to send me a brief bio and a paragraph or two on "Why Are You Running" for the Board. 

These are their responses in their own words, unedited.

Candidates 3 year term 

Joseph Bublat

Who am I? I am Joseph Bublat. I grew up locally, I have traveled through Weathersfield my entire life, and love the feel of the town. In 2020, I purchased property and permanently moved into town. I didn’t know many people here so I volunteered for the town. I was appointed to Parks and Recreation and currently sit as Vice Chair and am also a member of the Planning Commission. Serving the community is important to me.

Why am I running for select board? I feel as a community member, it is important to have fair and unbiased opinions on the local councils. I believe that residents have a right to fully utilize their land to the fullest potential, weather it is a 1/4 acre or 100 acre lot, as long as the lot has the ability for the necessary infrastructure land owners should be good to go. I also want to see the town have adequate broadband internet access. For too long, some properties have been without access to infrastructure. Full transparency is essential and I will accept nothing less. I have an open door policy where any resident can come to the board and let their opinion be known, and it will be heard.

Why should you vote for me? I don’t necessarily think I could run the board any better than existing members, but I do feel that I can offer a new and fresh perspective to the board, which I think the town would benefit from. I look forward to serving the community at large.

David T. Fuller

I have lived in Town since 1977 at my Plains Road farm and have served the Town on the School Board ( in the past) and the Selectboard for some time now.

The last two years have been challenging for all with Covid-19 and new challenges are ahead. Costs and paying for everything seems to be harder. Vermont has attracted new people moving here for it's rural nature .

The Town ended it's financial year in a significant surplus. It is my hope that we can continue to maintain services and hold taxes at their level. The ARPA funds ( federal grant Covid-19 recovery) are some $800,000. I ask for your vote to be a part of the decision process to distribute these funds. Thank you.

Wendy Smith

Wendy Smith a lifelong resident of Vermont and 9th generation Vermonter dating back to the founding of our state. A Weathersfield resident for over 30 years. 

 My background includes farming, Nursing and managing a small family business. I currently serve on The Prudential committee for the Ascutney Water District . I have enjoyed working on this committee as the water system is something I take great pride in. The system was installed and previously owned by our family. I try to bring insight and improvements to our town water system using my past experience.

There is great satisfaction in providing safe clean water. My great grandfather was a select board member in Windsor for over 20 years. I bring this up because it instilled a great desire to follow in his footsteps. When he was eight years old his father died of typhoid due to poor drinking water. During his time serving as a select board member he was integral in acquiring the source and providing safe clean water to the town of Windsor. 

 If elected I Will Use my background in solving conflicts and budgeting to make balanced and informed decisions. I look forward to serving my community .

Candidates 2 year term 

August Murray

My name is Dr. August Murray and I am running for the Weathersfield Select Board 2-year position. I grew up in Southern Vermont, graduating high school in Bellows Falls, then Norwich University in Northfield, VT. After completing 32 years of military service, it was time to come home. My wife and I have retired and now have a small farm raising beef cattle and chickens in Perkinsville. I believe my education, skills and experience have prepared me well for this position of trust.

An important duty of a Select board is to carefully safeguard public finances by managing our taxes responsibly and controlling spending to ensure we are meeting the community’s needs both short and long term. A wasteful or unnecessary spending decision can have lasting impacts. I hope that as a member of the Board, I can serve the people of Weathersfield by making mindful decisions that improve the quality of life of all who call Weathersfield home.

It is important to focus on local matters that impact each one of us personally, right here in our community. We need confidence that our taxes are being spent responsibly by our elected leadership, our Ordinances and Laws are being followed, and the only agendas at play within the governing body, are those that demand responsibility, transparency, and selfless service of each and every member representing your voice.

I have always believed in serving my community and country. I joined the Army Reserves at 17 as a Private in Rutland, Vermont, and served in the U.S. Coast Guard, National Guard, and the U.S. Army. I retired from active duty at the rank of Colonel with my last assignment as Chief of Staff of the National Guard Bureau Joint Staff. I also served as a Commander three times, as an Inspector General, and an Assistant Professor of Military Science at UNH Army ROTC. I have extensive leadership experience in human resources and financial management, as well as policy and strategy. I am a veteran of three Middle East wars; Desert Storm, Iraq and Afghanistan. I am a recipient of the Legion of Merit, Bronze Star Medal, 8 Meritorious Service Medals, 9 Commendation Medals with one Army Commendation Medal for Heroism.

My education includes a Ph.D. in Computing Technology in Education and Ed.S. degree from NOVA Southeastern University; an MBA and HRM Certificate from Franklin Pierce University; a Masters degree in Strategic Studies from U.S. Army War College; and graduate of DoD Defense Financial Management and Fiscal Law Courses.

Thank you for the opportunity for consideration of your vote for Select Board Member. It would be my honor to serve Weathersfield as a Select Person and I commit that I will always place your best interests first.

Wendy Smith (see above)

Voting Information



REGISTER TO VOTE: Vermont law has changed on registering to vote. 

We now have what they call “Same Day Voter Registration”. 

Same day voter registration means that you can come to the polls on election day and if you have not already registered to vote in our town you may complete an application to the voter check list and upon approval you may be allowed to vote that day. 

EARLY OR ABSENTEE BALLOTS: You or a family member on your behalf, may request an early or absentee ballot from your Town Clerk by telephone, mail or e-mail at any time up until 5:30 P.M. on the Thursday before all elections. 

You can also go to the Town Clerk’s office and vote your ballot while at the office. 

Or, you can pick up your ballot, only your ballot, at the Town Clerk’s office and take it home to vote. (You cannot pick up a ballot for your spouse or anyone else.) 

If you take your ballot or have a ballot sent to you, you must return the ballot to the Town Clerk’s office or to the polling place no later than 7:00 P.M. on the day of election. 

If you are ill or disabled, you can request that a pair of Justices of the Peace deliver a ballot to you. You can request assistance in reading or marking your ballot from the justices. They must return the ballot to the Town Clerk for you.

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