Bridge Our Community-Bowers Covered Bridge Comes Home

August 28, 2011 Tropical Storm Irene Hits Vermont
Bowers Covered Bridge in Brownsville Vt gets carried downstream and rests in a neighbors yard. Today the Bridge returns to its home.

The bridge restoration began over the winter with Brownsville resident Stephen Bodley working diligently  to restore the bridge to its original design.
FEMA documented the move of the bridge back upstream

March 19, 2012 the framing of the Bridge Begins...

More Images from March 19 are on the Vermont Standard Gallery:!i=1757792574&k=tcFmm8n

Beginning at 10 AM today a crane will lift the bridge and place it on its concrete abutments. The Town of West Windsor is planning a big celebration honoring the return of their town treasure.
Images and video to follow later this week. 

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