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Belize Diving
Sundancer II/Aggressor IV Dec 5-12, 2015

Divers Log
Friday December 11

Only two dives remain for us on this trip to Belize. We're up way too early, 5 a.m. for a 6 a.m dive on Sandy Slope. The site is somewhat unimpressive but we're all hoping to see the rare Sargassum Triggerfish and as luck would have it, one was awake with us (see above.)

We also got to see a couple of stingrays on this dive:
a Yellow Stingray

and a Southern Stingray

The two dives were very chill, I guess it's a nice way to wind down an excellent week of diving.

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We made our way back to Belize City Friday after lunch. Enjoying some nice views along the way.

The crew hosted a Rum Punch Party for us Friday night and Brent and Ed were given medals for completing every dive that was offered (they also were in the water an average of one hour per dive-that's HARDCORE!)
We say goodbye and thank the crew for taking such good care of us all week, then make our way on shore for a light dinner.
Saturday is departure day and we're off the boat by 8 a.m.

But last rain storm.

And then the sun comes out again, farewell palm trees, farewell Belize, until next time!

Belize December 2015
Sundancer II/Aggressor IV
Belize Reefs
December 5-12, 2015
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