Key West Adventure-Vermont to Boston to Key West

Vermont to Boston to Key West
Our Key West Adventure begins on a cold morning in Vermont.

We flew JetBlue from Boston, non-stop to Key West. 
We boarded early and pulled back from the gate only to discover that the plane’s water hadn’t be loaded. So back to the gate we went. 

The ground crew showed up and found out that we had water but one of the lines was frozen. It was below 0 so not surprised but really unexpected for a plane. After an hour delay we were pushed back from the gate and off we went.

There was weather all along the Atlantic Seacoast, so the pilot flew low until he passed the Cape then started his climb. It was occasionally bumpy but not too bad.

We landed in Key West really late along with lots of other delayed planes.

Baggage pick up was a nightmare; two carousels to handle like four regional jets. It was a mess. Our checked bags were listed as carousel 1 then 2 then 1 again. Finally with luggage in hand we head outside and call the hotel for our shuttle.

The driver arrives and is swarmed by people trying to get to the hotel. Only four of us called for a ride but eight wanted in the van. 

Jay and I volunteered to walk the two blocks to the hotel. We’d been on a plane for five hours and could use the walk.

It wasn’t a bad walk to the Hampton Inn, maybe 10 minutes and we only got a light sprinkle of rain so all was good.

The hotel greeted us with apologies and comp’d our resort fee, which was nice. And our room was ready early, so it was all good.

We settled in and unpacked; Jay took a walk to the Seaside Grocery to get beer. 

Then it was time to check out the Cheekie Hut Bar, watch some football, and grab dinner. 

The hotel gives guests a free drink a day so I opted for a Margarita to wash down my Blackened Mahi Sandwich-which was excellent.

Back in our room, we watched the San Francisco Forty Niners beat the Dallas Cowboys in one of the NFL Wildcard Games. They’ll be playing the Green Bay Packers on the 23rd.

After the game, even though it was early we crashed. Long day that started at 3 a.m. in Vermont and ended in Key West, Florida.

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Tomorrow we check out Smathers Beach and visit the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservancy

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