Key West Adventure-Sunrise, Moon Set, Todd Snider at East Martello night 1

January 22, Sunrise, Moon Set, Todd Snider at East Martello

Our time in Key West is winding down but not before a couple of Todd Snider concerts! 

First I start this Saturday off with a stroll to the beach. I look up and there's this beautiful moon set behind a palm tree.

I head to my favorite spot on the seawall and wait for the sunrise. It doesn't look too good but I hang in there. I start talking with a guy also watching the sunrise but he's doing it with a Corona! We strike up a conversation and he's going to the two Todd shows too. We talk weather, Key West and Todd Snider.

The sky is all kind of colorful pastels.

Our waiting paid off. But it's very red-should I take warning? Michael asks if I think it will rain tonight and I check the radar on my phone-it doesn't look good. But it's not -8 like it is back home in Vermont.

I head back to the room, quick shower and it's off to breakfast with Jay. On our way back to the room, the Ibis are enjoying the hotel's pool.

We decided to take the 10 minute walk to Fort East Martello, the venue for tonight's and tomorrow night's concert. The show is being produced by Coast is Clear Concert Series.

We get there as they are setting up. We didn't get VIP tickets (4 rows of seats in front of the stage but no worries-we'll still be close!)

Back at the hotel we order lunch: pina colada, snapper sandwich and Key Lime Pie!!

I hang out at the pool  reading and swimming off some of that yummy lunch. Around 2 p.m. the skies start to turn gray-oh no.

Around 6 p.m. we head over to the venue in a light rain and then the skies open up. And the wind starts.
The promoters met the six of us in line and said that they are meeting to decide whether or not to go on with the show or to cancel. They'll let us know.

They decide it's a go, for now. It's really pouring but most people are dressed for the weather. I only brought my cell phone, not my good camera, but I did get a few good pictures and lots of decent videos. I also keep checking my phone for the Niners/Packers score.

Chicago Farmer opened the show. We'd never heard of him before but he's really entertaining and is a really good songwriter.

Just as Todd takes the stage the rain stops and the wind dies down a bit.

As we're waiting for our show recording thumb drive, I keep checking the Niners score. 3 minutes to go and they have the ball. Holy cow, they might just do this. And of course THEY DID. I tell the folks we're hanging with, the Niners will be playing the Rams on the 30th-they laugh but...

Back at the room we microwave some popcorn and watch the game highlights.

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Set List:
January 22, 2022 Key West, FL Fort East Martello
Night One
Mission Accomplished
Sail On, My Friend
[John Prine Stories]
Handsome John
[I Was 'Spider' Story]
Just Like Old Times
[Spreadneck Speedball]
Roman Candles
[Skip Litz Story]
Play A Train Song
Cheatham Street Warehouse
Bruised Orange
Plastic Girl
Rose City
Alright Guy
[Key West Story]
Greencastle Blues
[Jimmy Buffett Story]
D.B. Cooper
Working On A Song
Enjoy Yourself
Stuck On The Corner
Ballad Of The Devil's Backbone Tavern
Turn Me Loose
Got My Mojo Working
Looking For A Job
Just Like Overnight

A Pirate Looks At Forty
Redneck Mother
[Jerry Jeff and Jimmy in Key West]
Mr. Bojangles
Coast Of Marseilles

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Tomorrow: Stock Island, Todd Snider night 2 at East Martello

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