Key West Adventure-Sunrise and Blue Heaven Lunch

January 21 Sunrise and Blue Heaven

Up a 6 a.m. without an alarm. I do some stretching and check emails. Then grab my camera and head outside around 6:50 a.m. to catch the sunrise.

While waiting I watched a few fish jumping and a brown pelican fishing. The sunrise was pretty spectacular today.

I meet Jay back at the room, and we head to breakfast (more make your own waffles!!). 

Then it’s a walk to downtown via Smather’s Beach. It feels a lot more humid today. it really feels like a beach day. Pretty soon we’re sweating. The beach at this hour is pretty empty, just a few others walking the beach.

I stop to take a few photos-either some had or was having a beach wedding. I even found a bouquet of flowers.

We stop for a rest at Dog Beach and watch the puppies playing in the surf. These two were chasing rocks and coral pieces. So sad, no tennis balls to chase.

The Southernmost Regatta 2022 is still going on so we watch them for a little while too. Still have no idea how a regatta is run but it's fun to watch the sail boats.

And there’s another line at the Southernmost Buoy.

We head into Bahama Village and check out the rainbow crosswalks. 

We put our names in at Blue Heaven for lunch but there is an hour plus wait. We’re good with that and walk to the end of Petronia Street then walk back and get a cocktail at the little bar across the street and wait for the text that our table is ready.

We are given a great table away from other people and with a great view of the band. The lead singer has a really sweet voice.

Lunch at Blue Heaven was AWESOME!-lobster grilled cheese and bacon and tomato sandwich with a Papa Daiquiri. Jay had the Yellowtail Snapper Salad and “Sweet Baby Jesus!” Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter. 

We even made it to Key Lime Pie for dessert.

After lunch we take a stroll up Duval Street. Man has this street changed since the last time we were here…it’s kind of bland now. Maybe we're just too early...

We turn on to Greene Street and make our way to The Waterfront Brewery to wait for the hotel shuttle.

Back at the hotel I grab a towel and my Kindle and head to the pool for an afternoon of chillin’.

The weather held for us-no rain or showers today. Fingers crossed for the rest of the weekend.

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Tomorrow: Sunrise, Todd Snider night 1 at East Martello, (Chicago Farmer opened both nights.)
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