Brisbane City Botanic Garden, Day 10 of our Aussie Adventure

February 14, 2017
Brisbane, QLD Australia

Woke up before the alarm. Looks a little gloomy outside and standing on the balcony it feels cooler after last night's rain.

We had a lovely breakfast in the hotel restaurant before heading out to walk the City Botanic Gardens. We cross Wickham Terrace and trot down the red stairs to Edward Street. We follow Edward St. basically to the river.

We walk along the outer rim of the gardens, a path that takes you along the river's edge. We get passed by folks running and biking and a few moms' with strollers.

Somehow we took a wrong turn and end up in the River Stage Area, a natural outdoor amphitheater. A nice guy comes and lets us out through a security fence back into the Gardens but not before talking about some of the concerts they've hosted at this venue. He even says one of his mates is going to Bruce tonight too.

This Garden is quite the oasis set between the river and the city's downtown.

I can only image how cool it would be to live so close to both the river and these gardens.

It was fun to see so many varieties of unusual birds just hanging out near the pond.

The heat and humidity are picking up and we're drawn to the sound of running water. There's a small waterfall feeding the pond.

 The heat is starting to get to us and we're getting thirsty. We passed Mr. Edward's Alehouse on the way down to the garden entrance. I had looked it up online before we left our room as it popped up on my map to the garden.

They have great local beer on tap. The Cooper's Aged was yummy. And was so great with their grilled swordfish!

More photos from our walk around the Botanic Gardens: CLICK HERE

We hike back up Edward St., stopping along the way to purchase our train pass for the two trips we'll be making to Brisbane Entertainment Centre in Boondall to see Bruce Springsteen on Feb 14 and 16.

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