Aussie Adventure Day 3 Sea Life Aquarium, Darling Harbour Sydney

Tuesday February 7, 2017
Sydney, NSW Australia

I'm up early again, 6:30 a.m. today. I clear my email boxes and read the hometown papers online. The weather outside is not so good. I think the reason I'm up so early is it's raining. With occasional downpours.

We have a leisurely breakfast and discuss what to do. I get bold and try Vegemite on my toast. It's interesting, a bit salty but if you spread it thinly with some honey on toast, it's quite good.

Over a second cup of coffee we watch the rain coming down. We had planned to walk around the Royal Botanical Gardens or maybe the Tarongo Zoo but with this rain, we need an indoor adventure. We decide on the aquarium. Both of us are avid divers so it's always interesting to see what's on display and how people react to them.

The Sea Life Aquarium in Sydney is located in Darling Harbour about a 20 minute walk away. We rally and decide to take the plunge. It's freakin' pouring, I mean monsoon. In a few blocks we are completely soaked. I can literally wring water out of my socks and jeans.  Oh well, we're committed now. Onward we go, down to the harbour. The streets are flooded. Rain is coming off roofs in cascades. People are seeking shelter in cafes and under hotel awnings. We push on.

We finally see the aquarium at King's Wharf and there is quite a line. Seems everyone on holiday is looking for an indoor activity.

This aquarium has a nice collection of coral and animals from the Great Barrier Reef.

A few of my favorite fishes are in their giant tank-The Eagle Ray.

They have a coupe of rescued Dugongs, a cousin of the manatee.

They even have a few sawfish.

More photos from the aquarium: Click Here

We walk back to our hotel in light rain. By now we're mostly just damp but we still have squishy sneakers. Back at our room we peel off our wet stuff and try to find a place to hang everything. We both take really hot showers and power naps.

We head down stairs for late lunch but find out the kitchen closes at 3:30 p.m.-we missed by 5 minutes. ARRGGHH. We order a ploughman's platter: bread, cheeses, pickles, onions. jam and some REALLY HOT mustard. Now that we're fueled up we're ready to make our way to Olympic Park for BRUUUUCE.

At Wynard Station, a quick 15 minutes walk from our hotel we buy our train tickets for Olympic Park. After a little false start we're on our way.

My next post will be a concert review. Stay tuned our adventure continues on Wednesday with a Hunter Valley Wine Tour!