Woodstock Union High School Yoh Theatre Players perform "The Physicists"

Ted Morley as Mobius
March 21, 2014
Woodstock Vermont
The Yoh Theatre Players performed "The Physicists" this past weekend. The two act play, a Master Production, was presented in an intimate setting where the audience was seated on stage with the actors. Reservations were encouraged as the seating layout allowed for only 50 audience members per performance. The dark comedy written by Swiss playwright Friedrich Durrenmatt takes place on a single day in November 1961 at a villa converted into a private sanatorium.
Hannah Merseal as Dr. Von Sahnd
The play centers on three characters/patients: Einstein (Dune Mayberger), Newton (Nate Hinson) and Mobius (Ted Morley)-who speaks with King Solomon. The doctor in charge of the sanatorium is Dr. Von Sahnd (Hannah Merseal.) She and her nursing staff are quite a crew. Are these people real or are they insane? And who is truly insane? Nothing is as it seems during this play and all is revealed in the final act.
Ted Morley as Mobius and Nate Hinson as Newton
The play is currently relevant with the conflict occurring between Russia and the Ukraine. This plays explores the morals behind the creation of the atomic bomb. Its message is subtly delivered to the audience in this intimate setting. The effectiveness of the play would have been lost in a regular 400 seat theatre setting.
Dune Mayberger as Einstein and Ted Morley as Mobius
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At the conclusion of each performance there was a brief discussion period about the play hosted by WUHS teachers: Thursday-Mrs. Caddie Johansen-Art, Friday-Mr. Garon Small-History, Saturday-Ms. Martha Perkins-Literature, Sunday-Mr. Tim Brennan-Physics.

Next up for the Yoh Theatre Players a celebration of William Shakespeare (as part of the world wide 450th Anniversary.) They will present an all-woman ensemble of performers, spots are open for young women from grades seven to twelve. The performances will happen May 9, 10, and 11.

The Yoh Theatre Players
The Physicists
Yoh Theatre, Woodstock Union High School
Woodstock, VT March 21, 2014
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