Brownsville Vermont Community Final Friday Night Skate Party

February 28, 2014
Brownsville Vermont

The past Friday saw the Final Friday Night Skate Party at the community built ice rink behind Albert Bridge Elementary School in Brownsville Vt. Last year the community came together at the urging of Susan White and her husband to build a rink for community members to use during the winter. At one party this year over 80 people were on the ice, including visitors staying at Ascutney Mountain.

This year the community took their Friday Night Skates a step further to include a party. Mark Aldrich brings music and hot dogs. Jeremy Underhill builds the bonfire. Catherine Underhill makes homemade Hot Chocolate, coffee for the adults and cookies. During the six week program folks have donated donuts, homemade goodies and other treats. According to Jeremy Underhill "Everyone in the community brings something the party."

The Skate Party is completely community funded and donations are always accepted to help offset the associated costs of maintaining the rink and purchasing some of the party fixings. Donations can be dropped off at the West Windsor Town Hall.
Photos by Nanci covered the event for The Vermont Standard. More images may be viewed at:

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