Hartland Vermont Voters Meet in Damon Hall for Their Annual Town Meeting

Hartland Vermont
March 4, 2014

Damon Hall in Hartland Vermont was bursting at the seams on Tuesday morning as the Town's voters gathered for their Annual Town Meeting. Hartland has 2,430 voters on their checklist and 593 voted on Tuesday.

Town Officers Elected were:
Town Moderator: Patricia Richardson
Selectboard 3 yrs: Gordon Richardson
Selectboard 2 yrs: Thomas White
Lister: Patricia L. Rosson
First Constable: James D. Dow
Town Grand Juror: Judith L. Howland
Town Agent: Judith L. Howland
Library Trustee 3 yrs: Colleen Lannon
Library Trustee 3 yrs: Bonnie Sargent
Library Trustee 1 yr: Kristi Clemens
School Moderator: Patricia Richardson
School Director 3 yrs: Nancy Gabriel
School Director 2 yrs: Daniel P. Emanuele

The Hartland Traffic Project that will change the "Hartland Three Corners" was approved. The intersection of Routes 5 and 12 and Quechee Road at the famous triangle will be realigned, costing taxpayers about $450,000.

More coverage can be found in the Valley News March 5 edition and in The Vermont Standard on March 6.

Photos by Nanci covered the meeting for The Vermont Standard. More images may be viewed at: http://photosbynanci.smugmug.com/VermontStandard/March-2014/Hartland-Town-Meeting/.

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