Grace Potter and the Nocs ROCK Infinity Hall

Review by Kenny "The Curmudgeon"
Photos by Nanci


Goodbye Kiss
One Short Night
Things I Never Needed
Colors >
Ah Mary
Nothing But The Water Part I
Nothing But The Water Part II
2:22 >
Low Road
Stop The Bus
If I was From Paris
Take My Breathe Away >
Big White Gate
Sweet Hands

White Rabbit

The band actually played two sets last night. The first set ended with “Nothing But The Water” and then they took about a 20 minute break before coming back out. I read this show as a little tired at the beginning. Maybe long travel? Four nights in Jamaica (I know that would kill me). The show didn’t really hit a good stride until the cool intro to Mastermind. The second set, however, was a different animal – typical GPN onstage energy. Stop The Bus was especially nice and has re-peaked after being a little off for awhile. Grace’s two big vocal performances were on Long Low Road and a nice Big White Gate. Thanks for the shout out from the stage by Grace at the end of Long Low Road for our raffle efforts.

Call me a curmudgeon but that damn delay on “White Rabbit” must be stopped. I get it, I get it. Moody, feedback, distortion etc. etc. but for me it just doesn’t work.

All in all though I count this as a great evening. Manageable drive , excellent dinner/drinks with my sweety (joined by Van at the end). Infinity Hall is a gorgeous facility and everyone on the staff was particularly nice. Some hang time post show with Jackie who needed a break from fighting the good fight.

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