Blues and Lasers

2008 Illusion Tournet Music

This Burlington VT rock quintet formed in 2007. Scott Tournet corralled a few friends while on break from Grace Potter and the Nocturnals and started the band Blues and Lasers. This debut CD was recorded in November 2007 at the Club Metronome in Burlington VT over a two day period. In this vacant club the guys threw down the tracks in a raw, swampy form then added some funky stuff over the next few weeks via computer wizardry.

While this CD was released in 2008 it could easily have been released in the late 70s. It has a classic rock sound with influences of southern rock mixed in. The dueling guitars of Scott Tournet and Benny Yurco makes you want to jump around the room, hips swaying and the solid drumming of Matt Burr and Steve Sharon keeps your head banging. You can hear influences from Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, The Allman Brothers. Bryan Dondero adds a great bass and some interesting sounds on the moog and theramin.

The CD has five tracks but don’t let that fool you. The guys jam and weave a solid sound on most of the tracks bringing the playing time to around 40 minutes. 40 minutes of swampy blues that will leave you longing for a live performance of this rocking outfit!

SCOTT TOURNET -- Vocals, lead and rhythm guitar, lasers
BENNY YURCO -- Lead and rhythm guitar, vocals, lasers
BRYAN DONDERO—Bass, moog, theramin, lasers

JOHN ROGONE -- Bass guitar, vocals, lasers

MATT BURR -- Drums, laser accompaniment
STEVE SHARON -- Drums, laser accompaniment

Contact Info:
Artist Management - Jen Crowell, Crow Artists (e)

Booking - Hank Sacks, Paradigm (e)

Upcoming Performances:

· Sun, February 14 8:00 pm Blues & Lasers w/ The Eames Brothers/ See I (featuring members of the Thievery Corporation) Rusty Nail 1190 Mountain Rd. Stowe Vermont USA

· Sat, February 27 Blues & Lasers MARDI GRAS SHOW

Club Metronome Main St. Burlington VT USA


22 Times (1:29)

W.N.W.G.D (5:57)

Rooster (6:11)

Who Do You Think You Are? (9:52)

Devil Wrapped Around Me (12:17)

Scott Tournet Photo by Nanci

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