World Under Wonder Announces Auditions for "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller

World Under Wonder is announcing its first ever auditions at their venue in Weathersfield, Vermont.

The Crucible by Arthur Miller is one of the Director's favorites due to its powerful message and strong dialogue. This will be visually set in Puritan America but with abstract coloring. The set will be simple; symbols, projections, and other effects from many time periods pertaining to many issues will be used to explain the Director's message... "The Crucible is always happening".


  • June 29th: 7 pm 
  • June 30th: 7 pm
  • July 6th: 7 pm
  • July 8th: 2 pm

From World Under Wonder press release:


  • April 11th: 5-8pm
  • April 12th: 5-8pm
  • April 13th: 5-8pm
(YOU ONLY NEED TO SHOW UP TO ONE OF THE AUDITIONS, but you can come to others as well if you desire)

-A minute long dramatic monologue is expected to audition for larger roles. Preferring to hear monologues right from The Crucible.
-You are expected to stay once you are there to run through cold reads and group acting exercises.
-Those wishing to work backstage will have a sit down with Director individually to discuss your ideas about the show with the Director.
-You will fill out an audition form, a liability form, and a registration form. If you are under 18, please bring your parent/guardian to at least fill out the forms before leaving.
-There is no fee to take part in the show, free to all.
-You will be filling in a schedule that will be at auditions with any conflicts you have during the course of the production. Tech week practices are considered mandatory so do not have conflicts for those weeks, please.
-This is a community production that is open to all ages, youth and adults. This will attempt to be cast as close to ages as possible, with youth playing youth and adults playing adults. Exceptions may apply at Director's discretion.
-Practices will hopefully be once a week. Practices will either be Wednesday or Friday.


If you wish to put ads within the program for The Crucible to either sponsor an actor or techie in the production, or to advertise your business or program email to connect with Owner and Director Sean Edward Roberts.

If you are coming from New Hampshire and crossing the bridge into Vermont... You get to a 4 way intersection, you can either head straight to get onto the highway or go into Ascutney, turn left onto Route 5 South, or turn right to head on 5 north towards Windsor. About a minute down the road is a white town hall looking building that was once a Grange Hall. It sits next to what was once an old Mexican restaurant, and before that a night club called Destiny's or something like that.


Contact Sean with any other questions, connections, or collaborations you wish to make with World Under Wonder Playhouse.
Sean Edward Roberts
World Under Wonder Playhouse

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