Brisbane Day 11 Make Your Own Brewery Walking Tour

February 15, 2017
Brisbane Australia

We slept later after our night with Bruce standing for 3+ hours in the pit. We even almost missed breakfast. We jumped out of bed and ran down stairs with only minutes to spare.

Jay's been checking out craft brewery tours online for either a half or full day adventure. They seem kind of expensive for what they are offering.

We decided to create our own walking brewery tour. It's only about a 40 minute walk from our hotel so we're cool with doing that. It's hot but cloudy so the walk to Doggart St. isn't too bad.

We first visit Newstead Brewery. The brewery is in an old building built in the 1940s.
From their website:
Newstead is the confluence of energy and ideas from three brewing perspectives.

Mark Howes comes from a research background with a PhD in molecular bioscience. Home brewing got serious, instead of post-graduate studies, the beard was grown and so too was the brewery. 

Jarrett Bravo hails from global hospitality with stints in running backpackers hostels, hotels and English pubs. Bringing a love of the UK style and traditional methods with a bent on herbal nuances Jarrett’s perspective is refreshingly holistic. 

Gavin Croft draws from a home brewing and small business perspective, with a focus on innovation and precision. While concomitantly supporting his independent brewing company, Gavin brings a wealth of inspiration and knowledge garnered from both post-graduate education and commercial experience in brewing.

They have a good selection on tap and of course Jay goes for the porter.
PORTER 21 Feet 7 Inches
Murky, silty and black as your hat. Chocolate and coffee flood the palate. Toasted malts are the heroes, with noble hop aroma and spice filling in around the edges. Oozing with creme this smooth Porter is perfect for quaffs on the river. Or in it.
—— ABV 5.2% • IBU 54 • EBC 120 ——

After our long walk, not only our we thirsty we're pretty darn hungry. The chef has a crab and ocean trout cake with asian salad on special and we both place our orders. It was delicious!

After lunch we take a quick walk to Green Beacon

Their motto is: "Don't drink it because it's craft beer. Drink it because it's good beer!"  well, alright!
Their beers include a core range, seasonal release and special release. Unfortunately for us they didn't have the Penny Porter on tap.

So it's back to Newstead for us. Jay buys two six packs of the porter to go.

Heading back to the hotel we see some pretty stark architectural contrast with the old churches and the new high rises.

We're back at the room for some chill time.

We loved Mr. Edward's Alehouse so much we return for dinner. The place is hopping with folks meeting up after work. The service was a little slow because of the number of people eating there (three HUGE parties) but the food was excellent. I had the prosciutto wrapped chicken and Jay had the grilled veggies.

I even had a Dalwhinnie 15 to toast Jay's Cooper's Stout. Mr. Edward's has quite a list of Whisk(e)y!

Our time in Brisbane, and Australia is winding down. We have BRUCE night 2 tomorrow and then head home to Vermont on Friday.

More photos from our day in Brisbane: CLICK HERE

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