Upper Valley Songwriter Releases Her First CD-"Bottle Collection" by Jenna Rice is out now.

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Hartland's own Jenna Rice hosted a CD release party on Saturday, Aug. 17 at the ArtisTree in South Pomfret VT. The room was packed with friends, supporters and music lovers.
Bottle Collection, her first album/CD was out on Thursday and can be purchased online at CD BabyOr if you are local you can hit her up on FB with a direct message and she'll send you copy.
The title track from her CD Bottle Collection.

She performed the album in its entirety on Saturday night with some help from other local area musicians and friends:  Steven Drebber on drumsPeter J Meijer harmonicaEvan Antal bass, and Libby Kirkpatrick vocals.
Her songs are written from the heart and tell of some deeply moving experiences she's had in her young life.
She has since moved from Hartland to Weathersfield where she lives on a small farm with some pigs, sheep, ducks, turkeys, chickens and her singer songwriter partner Greg Goedewaagen.
Greg Goedewaagen and Peter J Meijer opened the show.
PHOTOS from the performance
VIDEOS from the performance
What's next for this talented young woman, only time will tell...

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