Weathersfield Seeks Local Feedback to Improve Zoning Bylaw Effectiveness

March 22, 2017
Weathersfield, VT

The Weathersfield Planning Commission is encouraging comment and debate on significant changes and additions to the Town’s zoning bylaws. The goal is to improve the effectiveness of the bylaws, using a Municipal Grant, and working with the Southern Windsor County Regional Planning Commission. The main changes to the bylaws are scheduled for completion by early June 2017.

Over time, different approaches and incremental adjustments in local zoning have resulted in an unintended patchwork of bylaws that in some cases have been confusing for residents to understand and for the Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) to apply consistently.

For example, the Villages of Perkinsville and Ascutney have lot sizes and setbacks in their zoning which have led to a significant number of lots which are non-conforming, creating particular difficulties for village landowners.

The new approach seeks to explore:

· Lot sizes and setbacks consistent with today’s uses and sympathetic to the Villages

· Districts which support business growth within appropriate highway corridors

· Mixed use (versus single use) per lot and lot density zoning to increase flexibility

· Flood resiliency to protect both land owners and water quality

Over the next two months, the Planning Commission wishes to receive as much feedback as possible from residents, local businesses, the Selectboard, the ZBA, and Conservation Commission.

Ultimately the zoning bylaws need to reflect the wishes of the people in Weathersfield, so this feedback is essential in helping to address inconsistencies in the current bylaws as well as establishing a framework for future revitalization and small business growth.

The Weathersfield Planning Commission meets on the second and fourth Mondays from 7 pm to 9 pm at Martin Memorial Hall in Ascutney. Additional Public Hearings may be scheduled through the discussion period.

For more information contact  Nancy Heatley,Weathersfield Planning Commission (Vice-Chair)  802-698-3230 or Email:

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