Hartland Elementary School Drama Club Scores with Annie the Musical

Annie and Sandy

March 24, 2017
Hartland, Vt.

Hartland Elementary School Drama Club brought the musical "Annie" to life in three performances this past weekend. Friday night was sold-out, standing room only. Ruby Doolan was perfect playing Annie and Joey Beggs, who recently took over the role of Daddy Warbucks played the right amount of rich guy aloofness and kindness once Annie came into his life.
Lily, Miss Hannigan and Rooster
But the shining stars of the show were Remy Lambert as Miss Hannigan and Lilly Kendall Bergstresser as Grace Farrell.

Grace Farrell, Annie and Warbucks
Lambert portrayed the nasty and hung-over matron of the "Hartland Home for Girls" and the audience ate it up. Kendall Bergstresser's singing was quite impressive and her acting in the role of the assistant to Warbucks was so fluid you never once thought she was anything more than an adult.

Not sure who played Sandy the dog but he/she was so patient on stage and very well behaved too. Well done HES.

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