Conor Kennedy Announces Bid for Windsor County Senate Seat #HartlandVT #VTpoli #VT

Monday May 16, 2016
Damon Hall
Hartland VT

Before a crowd of about thirty, mostly family and friends, Conor Kennedy announced that he's running for the Windsor County Senate seat that his boss is retiring from. Vermont Senate Pro Tempore, John Campbell announced his retirement from the Senate after serving Windsor County for 16 years.

Campbell introduced his Deputy Chief of staff, Kennedy Monday night, praising Kennedy by saying "The people of Vermont are so much better off by having someone like Conor as their representative in Montpelier and this is just the beginning folks."

Kennedy spoke about 15 minutes laying out why he wants to continue his public service career. "In order to make our county (Windsor) a better place for people to raise their families, grow their businesses, and enjoy Vermont's great quality of life, it will take hard work and the entire community to make these changes possible...we have to do this together."

Kennedy grew up on a farm in Hartland developing a strong work ethic. At age 14 applied to be a Vermont State Capital page in Montpelier. He attended Hartford High School and in his senior year he transferred to Woodstock High School in order to attend Okemo Mountain School where he received a scholarship to pursue his love of skiing. He has work these last three years for Senator Campbell while attending the University of Vermont

Kennedy praised Windsor County for it's great recreation and diverse educational opportunities. "Windsor county has so many things to celebrate. We have ski resorts like Okemo, Suicide Ski, Quechee, and hopefully Ascutney if they continue their great work. We have great down towns in Springfield, Woodstock and White River Junction. Educational opportunities at Community College of Vermont, Vermont Law School, and our technical centers around the area. We have thriving businesses like King Arthur Flour, Black River Produce, GW Plastics, Simon Pearce,  just to name a few. We have cultural opportunities, Marsh Billings national Park in Woodstock, Northern Stage, Pierce Hall Community Center in Rochester, and the Weston Playhouse. And of course Windsor County is the birthplace of the craft beer movement. Catamount Brewery set the stage in the late 80s and today we have great breweries like Back Acre Beer Makers, Trout River Brewing,  Harpoon Brewery, Long Trail, River Roost brewery and Norwich Inn,  carrying on this great tradition."

Kennedy spoke about rising costs and their effects on the young and old alike. "The cost of housing, child care, and health care continue to be a burdensome and detriment to young people in the middle class. I've watched as retirees and people my age choose to leave the state in pursuit of a place that is more affordable."

"Many times I've spoken with friends about their desire to stay in Vermont, start a career and raise a family but they are unable to do so because it's simple too expensive. This is a problem that cannot be ignored in order for Vermont and Windsor County to thrive"

Kennedy believes that it's time to talk about the increased cost of educating our children. "We need to have the conversation about our Windsor County Schools. The cost of education continues to rise, we must work together to lower costs while making sure Vermont and Windsor County children continue to a quality education for a successful future."

Kennedy told the crowd the over the next few days his campaign will be launching a multi-media platform (website, social media and paper mail) and scheduling community get-togethers. "I want to dedicate my time and my energy to working for Windsor County but I can't do this alone, we have to do this together."

Conor Kennedy
Announces Run for Vermont State Senate
Damon Hall
Hartland, VT May 16, 2016
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