Zack's Place Theater Guild Presents The Original Musical "A Horse Shoe In Time"

Yoh Theatre, Woodstock Union High School
Woodstock VT June 17, 2014

On Tuesday Zack's Place Theater Guild performed its third musical, "A Horse Shoe in Time The Musical." The play was written and directed by Holly Levison and performed at the Yoh Theatre at the Woodstock Union High School.
The folks of Zack's Place are cleaning out their new building and find an old toolbox and horseshoe, they all magically disappear. Covering this phenomenal story, the ZBS broadcasting reporters also disappear while examining the toolbox.

The cast journeys back to 1850s Woodstock and must find a way to return to current day Woodstock. They also meet up with Justin Morgan and his horse who have time traveled forward. The Zack's Place Theater Guild created the story, selected the music and choreographed all the dances.

Zack's Place Theater Guild
A Horse Shoe In Time, The Musical
Yoh Theatre, Woodstock VT
June 17, 2014
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