Old Barns of Weathersfield-Art Show Open at The Inn of Weathersfield Now Through October 31

Old Barns of Weathersfield
by Lisa Curry Mair
On Display at the Inn at Weathersfield
Perkinsville , VT

Perkinsville-On Thursday September 9, 2021 the Inn at Weathersfield hosted an artist reception for Lisa Curry Mair. Lisa has created ten beautiful works of arts depicting some old barns she found in town.

On Mother's Day, she and her husband Bart drove around town looking for old barns, they found 55 barns. Most were very old and in various states of repair. Lisa photographed these barns. She recorded the location on a map and made notes about the owners.

When she returned home she began some extensive research into these barns. She used history books and The Weathersfield Historical Society as references. The most helpful books were "Historic Sights and Structures of Weathersfield" a 1993 publication by the Weathersfield Historical Society and John Hurd's "Weathersfield Century One".

She narrowed her focus down to fifteen barns.  She searched online through old newspapers (from the 1800s) and found articles and advertisements. She would collect the information she found in these old papers and incorporate the text into the sky of her prints. She would print these article on to newsprint to make it look like a real newspaper piece.

She would then tear up these newspaper articles and paste it to the canvas as the sky; then she proceeded to paint in the clouds-adding some color. 

For the mountains she would paint the colors of the mountains onto paper, let it dry, tear it up and paste it to the canvas. Building the layers you can see if you look closely.

The barn is painted onto paper and cut out carefully, sometimes in pieces. Finally she adds the foreground items giving the barn some relevance. 

Once it's dry, she adds more detail-trees, flowers.

Lisa's techniques combines collage and painting and are quite beautiful. These ten (10) canvases will be on display at the Inn at Weathersfield until Sunday, October 31.

For more information please call 802.263.9217 or visit: https://canvasworksdesigns.com/

More photos: CLICK HERE

Video by Lisa about the Old Barns: CLICK HERE

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