The Machine Powers Into Lebanon Opera House

Hey man, did you know The Machine played LOH last week?

Earplugs were being offered at the box office before the show. That usually means it's going to be LOUD. And it was but it was great. And this old Floyd fan really kept thinking (of my old Floyd mates) "Wish You Were Here!"

The Machine, billed as America's #1 Pink Floyd Show, played two sets Friday night at the Lebanon Opera House in Lebanon, NH. This New York based band has been touring for 28 years giving fans of Pink Floyd an "authentic Floydian experience."

For four people, they put out an amazing wall of sound. The band includes: founding The Machine members Joe Pascarell (guitar, vocals), Tahrah Cohen (drums), and long time stage mates Ryan Ball (bass, vocals) and Scott Chasolen (keys, vocals)

Scott Chasolen blew me away on keys. He was spot on all night. (I may have to check out his solo stuff-he's that good.)

Getting to hear "Breathe" (off The Dark Side of the Moon, 1973) gave me chills. Pink Floyd recorded The Dark Side of the Moon between May 1972 and January 1973, with EMI staff engineer Alan Parsons at Abbey Road. The album is one of the most commercially successful rock albums of all time; a US number 1, it remained on the Billboard chart for more than fourteen years, selling more than 45 million copies worldwide. I bet you have a copy in your vinyl collection.

"Have A Cigar" (off Wish You Were Here, 1975) brought back memories of high school nights-when we were supposed to be "studying"-at a friends house gathered around her record player listening to the album.

"Shine On You Crazy Diamond" (off Wish You Were Here, 1975)  echoed through the opera house and brought chills to me.

Where were you in November 1979, listening to "The Wall"? Released on  November 30, 1979, The Wall topped the Billboard chart in the US for fifteen weeks, reaching number three in the UK. If you were in college, the album was played 24/7 1979-1980. A film was made starring Bob Geldorf and shown at Cannes in May 1982 before worldwide release. And who could forget the MTV video of the students and the meat-grinder. Hearing it performed live was pretty cool.

Overall it was a really good show. If you're a Floyd fan, old or new, you might want to catch them if they come around again. The Machine doesn't try to be Pink Floyd but tries to create a show for people who "always wanted to see Floyd live." (And there's a lot less tension on stage with these musicians.)

They have their own YouTube channel: The Machine Live if you want to check them out first before laying down some cash. But I think you'll find their live show is worth it.

The Set list:

More concert photos: CLICK HERE

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