Huge Turnout for Montshire's Annual Igloo Build, Can It Really the 30th?

On a beautiful winter Saturday, Montshire Museum hosted their annual "Igloo Build." Organizers believe this is their 30th year of building igloos. Bert Yankielun (above shaving the snow block) former Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory scientist and author of "How to Build An Igloo and Other Snow Shelters" was on hand for his 27th year instructing people how to build igloos. "I'm teaching third generations today" he said, "I show folks how to make friends with winter." 

Dr. Y., as Bert is called, (his website is said the structure should be about the size of a small tent.  You can map is out in the ground by creating a "snow-angel."

Cut the blocks of snow. And begin arranging them in a circle.

You can then shave a ramp around your block circle and continue stacking the snow blocks. Fill in the gaps by packing the space with loose snow.

More detail of igloo building can be found in Dr. Y.'s book "How to Build An Igloo and Other Snow Shelters."

In addition to the igloo build, Montshire Museum added various winter science workshops for children and adults to explore. Animal tracking and print making, animal scat observation and other science experiments with snow and ice.

More photos from the event: CLICK HERE

More information about the Montshire: CLICK HERE

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