Alternative At Home-Free Show at Lebanon Opera House

As part of their Free at Home concert series, the Lebanon Opera House hosted Alternative At Home on Thursday night.
The featured band was Turkey Point Swim Club made up Vermont musicians Davis McGraw (of The Pilgrims), Caleb Thomas (of Thompson Gunner) and Ryan Hebert (of Giant Travel Avant Garde)
The guys played a good mix of originals and covers and appeared tight even after stating that they had practiced together three times.
The evening started with singer-songwriter actor Justin Goodrich.

From his website: He has independently released two official EP's, most notable for being acoustic guitar and vocals only though performed loudly and aggressively, and for their video-accompanied singles "Deeper Inside" and "Love You Still" shot by Disasterous Film. His music often lends itself to mid-tempo, minor key, broodish ballads with theatrical arrangements, dark, metaphorical lyrical content and Justins noticeably '60's crooner-esque vocal delivery.

Justin seldom performs live, describing his obsessive time spent in his home studio over the last year as there being "a much bigger sounding picture in store for my music, and I focus all of my attention on learning and painting it", but has made several appearances at small, notable local venues such as Hard Rock Cafe Boston and Coolidge Corner Theatre in February '12 where he joined The Betsi Feathers burlesque troop as a musical guest in front of a sold-out crowd.

In October '11 he performed the song 'In The Night' via Skype on the popular web-hosted video podcast NSFW, gaining his most popular selling song since 2005's "I Love You In Roses" made popular by it's performance in the Community Alliance for Teen Safety Battle of the Bands at Lowell Memorial Auditorium (during Justin's senior year of high school).

Justin had a small role as Undergrad #2 in the Disney film "The Surrogates" in 2009, and in 2010 was cast as the haunted boy in the SyFy original made-for-TV movie "The Haunted Boy: Secret Diary of The Exorcist", filmed at Rolling Hills Aslyum in E. Bethany, NY, which was featured in the first season of Ghost Hunters. October '12 see's Justin taking over writing, acting and directing duties via Diorama Records in the creation of the currently in-production short-film tentatively titled "The List" about a well-read man struggling with social inadequacies and a haunting past.​

The Free At Home Concert Series is sponsored by Citizens Bank, Lebanon Rec Dept. and the Lebanon Opera House.

More images from the show: Photos By Nanci SmugMug

Alternative At Home 2013
Season Two
Turkey Point Swim Club with Justin Goodrich
Lebanon Opera House, Citizens Bank, Lebanon Rec Dept.
Lebanon Opera House, Lebanon NH February 7, 2013
Copyright ©2013 Nancy Nutile-McMenemy
For the Lebanon Opera House
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